Wi-Fi-enabled Switch electric motorcycle looks fantastic but is not India-bound

New-Zealand based Switch Motorcycles, which revealed its first electric motorcycle, the eScrambler in February 2020, has come out with information on more features of the bike that include Wi-Fi.

Switch Motorcycles founder Mathew Waddick is not new to the electric motorcycle scene, having developed an electric conversion kit for the Honda Cub for Shanghai Customs. He started this company to build high-performance electric motorcycles and thus came the eScrambler. Mathew developed the eScrambler along with ex-Yamaha Advanced Lab designer and former Danish Flat Track champion Michel Riis, who worked on the design, which is a retro-modern one.

The Switch eScrambler is powered by a battery pack whose power is rated at 11 kWh, going up to 13 kWh and is driven by a 15 kW electric motor that makes 130 Nm of torque. The specs are quite impressive with a top speed of 150 km/h, 0 to 100 km/h time of just 3.2 seconds and a real world range of up to 150 km. The battery can be charged to full capacity in five hours and the company has promised to offer fast charging soon.

The fuel tank carries the electronic components, throttle box, wiring for the battery, converter and more. Another unique feature of this e-motorcycle is the electric motor and swingarm that are designed to be coaxially mounted and thus maintain proper belt tension, along with the belt drive system developed by Gates. This unique design is generally present on premium motorcycles like Zero SR/F and SR/S. The e-motorcycle uses KTM forks and rims and comes fitted with J.JUAN disc brakes (340 mm to the front and 220 mm to the rear) and Bosch ABS system.

The eScrambler is equipped with Wi-Fi monitoring that can be used to monitor the bike’s riding statistics and necessary adjustments can be made. Other features include keyless start, digital display, 3 speed modes, regenerative braking, cruise control, GPS tracking and USB phone charging.

Sales for the Switch eScrambler is expected to begin in 2022 but India is not in the plans. “Unfortunately no plans for the India market just yet,” the company told ElectricVehicleWeb last month. The motorcycle is expected to be priced around USD 10,000 when it arrives in stores overseas.