Nissan, VW, Hummer & BMW adopt new logos for the electric era [Update]

As it is for BMW & Volkswagen, 2020 marks the beginning of the next chapter of electrification (and a new era) for Nissan and calls for a fresh brand identity. Nissan has introduced a substantially redesigned logo with the production Ariya electric SUV. The company has retained the sun and bar design elements but given the logo a minimalist design. Specific to the all-new electric SUV is a 20-LED lighting for the logo, something that will immediately let onlookers know that the Ariya is a futuristic Nissan model.

The new logo is designed to clearly give the company’s guiding message as it has been in the previous iterations: “If you have a strong, determined belief, it can even penetrate the sun,” says Nissan.

Production Nissan Ariya front

A day after the Ariya, the Nissan Magnite compact SUV broke cover. Like the all-electric car, the petrol-only SUV features the redesigned Nissan logo with wider-spaced letters and thinner semi-circles. However, the latest brand emblem on this model doesn’t come with an LED backlight. We expect the Mk2 Nissan Leaf to receive the LED-backlit version of this fresh badge in the future. There’s also a pure electric kei car in the pipeline, the one previewed by the Nissan IMk concept, that will get this catchy treatment.

16 April 2020

Volkswagen and Hummer, the two most recognizable car brands that were associated with emissions not always for the right reasons, have changed their logos to be more minimalistic and to express their sustainable, environment-friendly shift in character in their comeback avatars. And so has BMW.

Volkswagen logo in 2020

Volkswagen announced their new logo in September 2019. It introduced the new logo with its first electric car under the new ID brand, the VW ID.3 and the new logo has made its debut this month in the United States with the new 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport. The new roundel is a minimalistic take on the company’s classic logo and has been designed to be versatile and digital-first, with only the basic elements and a flat, two-dimensional layout. The blue and white shades have also been changed to a deeper blue tone and will be offered in additional colour variants.

According to Volkswagen Chief Designer Klaus Bischoff, the 2020 logo brings a new lightness to the VW brand with the ‘W’ now a floating element. He adds that the rebrand will help Volkswagen to easily display its identity digitally on devices and applications. Volkswagen is planning to complete the transition globally across its 10,000 dealers in 171 markets in 154 countries by mid-2020. In India, the VW Taigun presented at the Auto Expo had the updated logo.

Hummer logo in 2020

After announcing the return of the Hummer as the GMC Hummer fully electric vehicle, General Motors recently filed the trademark of the new Hummer logo. While the old Hummer is certainly a looker, it didn’t do much for the environment thanks to its gas-guzzling engine. The new logo has been designed to represent the electric nature of the vehicle and its greener approach towards the environment.

Hummer electric teaser

Though the font is still all caps and bold, it stands thinner than the older logo and gets a modern font type. While it is an electric truck and comes with a different logo, the new Hummer will surely have to do more to erase the memories of its gas-guzzling predecessor.

BMW logo in 2020

2020 would also be the year BMW changed its logo after more than 20 years. BMW, which plans 12 pure electric models by 2025, has redesigned the look & feel and the new logotype and design principles that are better suited for the digital age. The new logo is two-dimensional and transparent and has been designed to express openness, welcoming and strength of character. Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President for Customer and Brand BMW, has said that the the company wants to use the transparent logo to invite its customers, more than ever.

BMW flat logo 2020

BMW will be rolling out the new logo for all communications and the transition period is expected to extend till 31st May 2020. But unlike VW and Hummer, BMW has said that it will be using the new logo for media branding only and not on the vehicles, which will continue to use the current logo. However we believe the logo is being tested and feedback is sought for BMW to improve it before it can be used on road cars.