Sri Lankan electric supercar Vega EVX announced for 2022, limited to 25 units

Vega EVX, Sri Lanka’s own electric supercar, has been officially unveiled in Switzerland and promises some of the best specs we’ve heard of in an electric supercar. The car will go into production in 2022 and will be limited to 25 units only, thus joining the ultra-limited-edition roster for wheels.

While the pre-production EVX was fitted with a 55 kWh generation 2 battery pack that drives two electric motors on either axle, had a range of about 300 km and a 0 to 100 km/h sprint time of 3.1 seconds, the production-spec will blow your socks off, if the promises are not broken. According to Mr Beshan Kulapala, Director of Vega Innovations, the Vega EVX in its production specification will have a 1.4 MW, four motor torque vectoring system. The car will have a 130 kWh battery pack, which will run on a 900V system, and will be able to achieve 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds. It will have a range of 750 km and a top speed of 380 km/h.

In development since 2015, the EVX prototype has been completely designed in-house and has been hand-built with carbon fibre body panels. Let’s hear about what Mr Kulapala has to say about his car:

Vega is a small multi-disciplinary team full of engineers and designers who are passionate about building automotive technology. Vega’s vision is to be an industrial leader in pioneering some of the best EV components and in the electric vehicle supercar market. And we are pushing technology forward. What you are about to see today is the work of our engineers in the past six years, designing some of the best technologies in the world to come up with Vega EVX.

Vega EVX is a unique design. All of the major components are designed in-house by our team including the liquid-cooled module and the motor controllers as well. We have tested the car to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds. This car weighs 1,900 kg and has 804 hp and 760 Nm of torque. This is a full carbon-fibre vehicle with a phase-frame chassis. All of the major electronic components are designed in-house by our team, including the LED headlamps and tail lights.

This is a completely hand-crafted vehicle with some of the finest leather, exposed carbon fibre and sustainable material. Sri Lanka is a tropical island with a lot of variety of sustainable materials and we have used them in the Vega EVX. In the front, we have the in-house built motor controller and the powertrain that sits underneath it. In the rear, our luggage compartment is quite large enough to put all of your baggage, so that you can enjoy the ride and still be functional as well.

During the design stage of the vehicle, we saw a massive gap in finding external components to match our needs. Rather than integrating major electronic components such as liquid-cooled battery pack, battery management system, thermal controller, motor controller, ECU, light controller etc., we built all of these components in-house. We saw an opportunity in the market and took this harder route to build this customised, high-performance vehicle. So we have been able to bring all of these technologies and products at a cost-effective price point to the market.

Images of the Vega VFX sourced from the company’s Facebook page.