10 ‘proper’ Electric Motorcycles launching in India this year

From fully-faired to naked, long-range to high speed, 2020 could turn out to be the year of electric motorcycle in India. Here are 10 electric motorcycles launching in India with their expected prices (ex-showroom) and launch timelines. Note that the ETA is determined from the guidance received before the full impact of the COVID-19 was felt in China where most of the electric vehicle manufacturers in India source critical parts from.

Rowwet Trono

Rowwet Mobility, the Pune-based electric vehicle brand, displayed its range of electric scooters and motorcycle last year. The Rowwet Trono is a fully faired electric motorcycle and is equipped with a 3kW motor that helps the faired motorcycle achieve a top speed of 100 km/h. When driven at 45 km/h, the e-motorcycle will return a range of 100 km in a single charge. Like other products, Rowwet will be offering three battery options with Trono – a Lithium unit, a Lead-acid and a company-patented Click pack. While the performance and range for all battery packs will remain the same, the charging time differs.

The Rowwet Trono is fitted with dual front disc and single rear disc brakes, fully digital instrument cluster, alloy wheels and USB mobile charging. The motorcycle will be launched in late 2020 and is expected to be priced at Rs 1.50 to 1.80 lakh.

Name Expected Launch Expected Price
Rowwet Trono Late 2020 Rs 1.5 lakh to 1.8 lakh

PureEV Motorcycle

PureEV already has a range of low-speed and high-speed electric scooters on sale. The new electric motorcycle that is in development will be equivalent to an entry-level Pulsar in size and PureEV is currently testing the motorcycle with a 3 and 3.5 kWh battery, with the 3 kWh unit most likely to be the final configuration. The electric motorcycle will have a top speed of 100 km/h and a range of over 100 km according to Mr Gopinath, Head – Sales & Marketing, CK Motors that is the manufacturing and distribution partner for PureEV in South India. There are no details on the pricing yet but when it is launched, with the company looking at a pre-Diwali launch target, the new product will be undercutting its competition.

Name Expected Launch Expected Price
PureEV motorcycle Diwali 2020 Below Rs 1.3 lakh

EeVe Tesoro motorcycle

EeVe Tesoro front view 1 - Auto expo 2020

Odisha-based EeVe showcased the Tesoro electric motorcycle at the Auto Expo but is now considering launching a bigger motorcycle. The new motorcycle will have a range of over 100 km per charge and a top speed of over 100 km/h. There will be DC fast charge support as well and the motorcycle will be equipped with disc brakes, digital instrument cluster, LED lights, GPS, geo-fencing, anti-theft and more.

Name Expected Launch Expected Price
EeVe Tesoro Under review Rs 1.2 lakh to 1.4 lakh

Tork T6X

Kapil Shelke with Tork Motors Tork T6X

Tork Motors was expected to bring the T6X to the market in early 2020 but now the launch could happen in late 2020. The T6X, currently in road trials, is powered by a 72 Ah Lithium-Ion battery and a 6 kW brushless DC motor that produces a peak torque of 27 Nm. The motorcycle has been seen testing in the production-spec form on several occasions around Pune and is expected to return a range of 100 km in a single charge. The T6X can achieve a top speed of 100 km/h, is equipped with regenerative braking and can be charged to 80 per cent in 60 minutes.

Name Expected Launch Expected Price
Tork T6X Late 2020 Rs 1.4 lakh

Orxa Mantis

Bengaluru-based Orxa Energies displayed the Mantis high-performance electric motorcycle at the 2019 India Bike Week. The Mantis gets a battery pack with six batteries totalling to 9 kWh output. The Mantis can hit a top speed of 140 km/h and can go from 0 to 100 km/h in eight seconds. The batteries are swappable and can be charged completely in three to four hours. With the premium specs, we can expect a premium price tag as well and the price is expected to be around Rs 2.80 lakh. The Mantis gets high-performance tyres, aero aluminium alloy wheels, 41 mm telescopic forks in the front and a mono-shock rear suspension.

Name Expected Launch Expected Price
Orxa Mantis Mid 2020 Rs 2.8 lakh

eMotion Surge

The eMotion Surge was unveiled digitally in 2018 and the Coimbatore-based company has spent the last couple of years developing the production version. The Surge electric motorcycle will be powered by a 40 Ah Lithium-Ion battery that comes with an intelligent battery management system. The Surge can return a range of 100 km in the base version and the bike’s range can be extended with adding more batteries (the bike can support up to three batteries) up to 200 km or 300 km. The Surge is also the first electric bike to offer a gearbox. The battery can be charged in 3 hours 20 minutes through standard charging and in 30 minutes with express charging. The Surge was planned to launch September or October this year but the COVID-19 situation has pushed the launch to 2021. There will be two variants on offer – one with a 10 kW motor with a top speed of 120 km/h and 0-60 km/h time of under 4 seconds; another with a 6 kW motor with a top speed of 100 km/h and 0-60 km/h time of under 5 seconds.

Name Expected Launch Expected Price
eMotion Surge 2021 Rs 1.2 lakh to 1.5 lakh

Hero Electric AE-47

Hero Electric AE-47 - Auto Expo 2020

Hero Electric is currently the largest player in the electric two-wheeler segment and its first electric motorcycle is the AE-47 which was showcased in the Auto Expo 2020. The Hero Electric AE-47 is powered by a lightweight portable lithium-ion 3.5 kWh battery that drives a 4 kW motor. With a top speed of 85 km/h and a 0 to 60 km/h time of 9 seconds, the AE-47 can return a range of 85 km/charge in Power mode and 160 km/charge in Eco mode. The bike features petal disc brakes, fully digital instrument cluster, cruise control, reverse assist, keyless access and more. Hero Electric Managing Director, Naveen Munjal recently confirmed that the AE-47 will be delayed as the company feels the market for performance electric motorcycles is very small and Hero Electric wants to concentrate on the mass segment products now.

Name Expected Launch Expected Price
Hero Electric AE-47 2021 Rs 1.2 lakh

Ultraviolette F77

Another performance-oriented electric motorcycle, Ultraviolette F77, from Bengaluru-based Ultraviolette Motors that is backed by TVS Motor Company, is powered by an air-cooled brushless motor with an output of 25 kW and 90 Nm of torque and can hit a top speed of 147 km/h. The aviation-inspired F77 can accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h in 2.9 seconds and 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. The battery pack includes three modular Li-ion modules for a total output of 4.2 kWh and offers a range of 130 km to 150 km per charge. Standard charging takes five hours while fast charging would do the job in 1.5 hours. Other features of the sport motorcycle include an aluminium-intensive construction, regenerative braking, all LED lights, automated battery control system, automated battery ejection, dual-channel ABS and app support.

Name Expected Launch Expected Price
Ultraviolette F77 Late 2020 Rs 3 lakh

Okinawa Oki100

The Okinawa Oki 100 was showcased as a concept in 2018 but the motorcycle that will launch this year would be of a size comparable to an IC-engined motorcycle. The Oki100 concept was powered by a 72V 63Ah lithium-ion battery that offered a range of 150 km and a top speed of 100 km/h. The battery is swappable, supports fast charging and can be charged in two hours. Like most of the electric two-wheelers, the Oki100 will also feature a digital instrument cluster and an app to access the motorcycle’s information. The e-motorcycle will have aluminium body parts to aid weight reduction and will be manufactured at the company’s plant at Rajasthan’s Teh.Tijara district. The Oki100 was scheduled to launch in the first quarter of FY 2020-21 but has now been pushed to Diwali this year. Okinawa Scooters Founder & MD, Jeetender Sharma recently confirmed the same with EVW in an exclusive interview.

Name Expected Launch Expected Price
Okinawa Oki100 Diwali 2020 Rs 1.1 lakh

Evolet Hawk

The Evolet Hawk may seem like a high-performance sports bike with its edgy design, clip-ons, large brake discs and full fairing. However this is a ‘tamed’ electric motorcycle with a top speed of 80 km/h which in the production version is expected to touch 120 km/h. The Hawk is powered by a 72V 40 Ah Li-ion battery and a 3 kW brushless motor offering a range of up to 150 km in a single charge. To be available from June 2020, in two colour options – Silver and Blue, the Hawk gets an all-digital instrument console, telescopic front forks and mono-shock rear suspension, twin discs on the front wheel, and a single disc brake set-up at the rear.

Name Expected Launch Expected Price
Evolet Hawk June 2020 Rs 1.3 lakh to 1.5 lakh
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