Check out the Toyota Corolla Cross Urban Sport & Adventure Editions

Toyota on Thursday unveiled the much-awaited Toyota Corolla Cross in Thailand. Along with choice of two drivetrain options (petrol and hybrid) and four variants in total, customers can also opt for some accessories along with the purchase of their Corolla Cross. Here’s a detailed list and photographs, courtesy Toyota Motor Thailand News section.

Toyota Corolla Cross Accessories brochure

Exterior Accessories

On the outside, customers can choose trim pieces painted in a blue accent to uplift the sharp lines of the Corolla Cross. The blue accents here signify Toyota’s hybrid vehicle range and it helps the Corolla Cross to be easily identified as a hybrid. These trim pieces are fitted to various locations around the exterior like the grille, boot door and even the side cladding. Customers can opt for optional 17-inch alloy wheels.

Toyota Corolla Cross Exterior AccessoriesPricing in Thai Baht
Blue Accent in the front grille1,900
Blue decoration in the front bumper2,100
Blue accent in the boot door1.500
Blue decoration rear bumper2,000
Black and blue door side cladding protection stripe4,700
Rear pillar decoration with a black and blue stripe2,000
Chrome sun shielding panel3,100
17 inch Alloy Wheels3,500

Interior Accessories

To make the cabin feel extra premium, Toyota offers accessories like chrome door sills and scuff plates. These can also be had with a black pattern with the words Urban Cross embossed in it. Accessories like the optional parcel tray and boot storage net increase the practicality of the vehicle. 

Toyota Corolla Cross Interior AccessoriesPricing in Thai Baht
Chrome door sill / scratch plate1,500
Black and chrome door sill / scratch plate2,100
Chrome rear door scuff plate1,200
Rear door scuff plate with black accents1,500
Boot tray1,600
Boot storage net1,000

Tech Accessories

Customers can equip their Corolla Cross with a wide variety of tech gizmos to aid them in their driving. A digital rearview mirror and reverse parking sensors make a world of difference to drivers who find it difficult to park in tight spaces. To make sure their devices remain charged up during a commute, customers can equip wireless charging pads and traditional USB power sockets. An optional air cushion for the backrest will help users who do long commutes. 

Toyota Corolla Cross Interior AccessoriesPricing in Thai Baht
LED fog lights5,700
Front and back recording camera6,000
Digital rear view screen / mirror9,000
Wireless charging pad3,990
USB Car charger1,800
Reverse parking sensors2,700

Along with accessories, customers can buy specialized variants of the Corolla Cross called Adventure and Urban Sport. As the names suggest, these models have specialized trims to follow the theme of their badges.


The Adventure variant features an off-road themed bumper and a more prominent side profile with extra plastic cladding to highlight its off-road intent. The Urban Sport has a sportier front facia and blacked-out trims all across. It gets black 7-spoke Lenso wheels to complete its sportier styling. Both packs can be had by paying an additional THB 500 per month. Interestingly Toyota Thailand showcased these accessory packs and the individual accessories on the hybrid variant of the Corolla Cross.