Toyota C+Pod “Ultra compact” EV launched in Japan, ideal for congested Indian roads?

Toyota’s micro-electric vehicle, which Electric Vehicle Web reported on this month, was launched in Japan this week as the Toyota C+Pod. The company calls it an “Ultra compact” electric vehicle, and in the first phase of its launch, targets corporate users, local governments and other organizations that are exploring popularizing electric vehicles. A full scale launch to individual customers will take place in 2022.

Video courtesy: REC Anything

The Toyota electric car, in addition to short distance daily use, is aimed at corporate users visiting customers on a regular basis and users in urban and mountainous areas requiring a safe, environmentally friendly transport option.

The Toyota C+Pod has its compact dimensions at 2,490 mm in length, 1,290 mm in width and 1,550 mm in height with a turning radius of just 3.9 meters, making it smaller than the traditional Japanese ‘kei’ vehicles. The 9.06 kWh lithium-ion battery is mounted under the floor, and in front of the seat, giving the cabin a low, and flat floor, says Toyota.

The electric motor is positioned on the rear axle, and delivers 12 hp and 56 Nm of torque. The Toyota C+Pod has a 150 km range (WLTC Class 1 mode testing conditions), and requires 5 hours on a 200V/16A or 16 hours on a 100V/6A for a full charge.

Toyota C+Pod interior
The Toyota C+Pod has a 150 km range, and can be charged to 100 per cent in 5 hours from a 16A connection.

Other specifications of the Toyota C+Pod include a Strut coil spring suspension with stabilizer for the front and torsion beam type coil spring suspension for the rear. The electric Toyota car has disc brakes at the front and drum brakes for the rear, with a tyre specification of 155/70 13-inch units.

Available in two grades, X and G, the former is priced at 1.65 million Yen (INR 11.74 lakhs) and the latter at 1.71 million Yen (INR 12.17 lakhs). The lower grade X weighs 670 kg, whereas the top-end G adds 20 kg to this. The light weight is courtesy of the exterior panels which are made of plastic, Toyota says.

Toyota C+Pod front
In 2022, the compact Toyota electric car will be offered to individual buyers in Japan.

The Toyota C+Pod uses a structure that absorbs impact, and offers pedestrian protection as well, in addition a pre-collision system is included as standard which detects other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists with an intelligent sonar. A parking support braking system to help avoid collisions with walls and other objects during low speed operation is included too.

Toyota will also offer a charging service whereby the compact electric vehicle can be recharged at Toyota dealers with G-station chargers (currently there are 4,200 such charging stations) and at any standard charging spot across Japan (approximately 10,800 charging stations).

EVW’s take: The Toyota-Suzuki combine could think of innovative solutions for the Indian market, like an electric quadricycle, if there is a burning desire to offer something like a C+Pod for last-mile mobility.