Next-gen Toyota Alphard hybrid could replace the Vellfire – Report

The next-gen Toyota Alphard will debut in April next year, as per a report from The 2021 Toyota Alphard hybrid EV will likely replace the Toyota Vellfire hybrid in the marketplace.

The next-gen Toyota Alphard will be based on a high version of the TNGA platform. Expect it to feature a more dramatic design gaining aggressive front and rear fascias. That’s because not only will the Toyota Alphard need to move up the ladder for a new generation but also serve Toyota Vellfire customers who generally prefer a bold styling.

The TNGA platform would allow a low centre of gravity, and that should offer greater stability and reduced body roll. One can expect hydraulic engine mounts for minimised vibration and noise, and thus a smoother ride. The TNGA platform is expected to improve the maneuverability to a point where Toyota is motivated to release a GR Sport variant in the fourth generation, the Japanese report notes.

Next-gen Toyota Alphard 2021 rear quarters rendering
The next-gen Toyota Alphard could arrive in India in 2022.

The 2021 Toyota Alphard hybrid EV will employ a new full-hybrid or strong hybrid system that makes use of a 2.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine and electric motor(s). The new hybrid system would be a replacement for the old model’s 2GR-FKS 3.5-litre naturally aspirated V6 conventional petrol engine.

Why is Toyota discontinuing the Vellfire?

The Toyota Vellfire has been present in the Toyota line-up since the Toyota Alphard entered its second generation in 2008, as its more stylish and fancier companion. In the fourth generation, though, the Toyota Alphard won’t have a Toyota Vellfire sister model.

Japan is one of the main markets of the Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire. There, sales of the Toyota Alphard are four times that of the Toyota Vellfire. Toyopet dealers sell the former and Netz dealers sell the latter.

Between January and August, the Toyota Alphard’s average monthly sales were 6,519 units, while the bean counter for the Toyota Vellfire during the same period stood at 1,652 units. Toyota is trimming its vehicle line-up and plans to discontinue the same models with individual identities that are not selling well, one of which is the Vellfire.

We have no timeline for the introduction of the next-gen Toyota Alphard hybrid EV in the Indian market but there is a chance that it could be brought down to India in 2022 if there is no plan to keep the old generation in production.