5 tips from Hyundai to maximize an Electric Car’s battery life

Batteries are literally the soul of an EV and maintaining them properly would preserve the EV’s cost of ownership. Though the lithium ion batteries in its cars are designed to last as much as the cars themselves, Hyundai has released some tips to maintain and maximize the battery life. These are practices one can perform, familiar from operating a smartphone, to maintain top performance.

Don’t discharge to very low levels frequently

One of the first things not to do is using the full charge of the battery. Don’t let the battery to fall below 20 per cent when there’s a chance to recharge, which can lead to decreased battery performance over time. Never use the full range of the battery if it’s not necessary.

More frequent recharges as opposed to sporadic charges

It is important to charge your vehicle’s battery regularly and not leave them depleted. Make sure to be charging them every 2-3 days as opposed to charging them only when needed. Charging regularly keeps the battery healthy and also the vehicle ready for a trip anytime.

Avoid heavy acceleration over extended periods

Though it is common advice for all car owners, it is important not to put the pedal to metal for battery electric vehicles. While is exciting to get the kick out of EVs with their immense torque delivery instantaneously, heavy acceleration for extended periods of time result in sudden discharge of current in batteries. Apart from rapidly affecting the range, heavy acceleration also heats up the battery significantly and you would burn through the tires much faster.

Park in the shade

If you are going to let your electric vehicle be parked for a long time, make sure it is in a covered spot to keep the battery cooler thereby helping maintain performance and longevity. While this advice is apt for all vehicles, more so for EVs, as the air-conditioning compressor puts a heavy demand on the battery. During winter in cold countries, it is better to pre-heat the vehicle with power from the main source and not to waste the batteries for the same. Battery performance wanes at the extremes of temperatures.

Lower the maximum charge limit

If a full charge is not required, it is better to charge the vehicle up to 80 to 90 per cent capacity through the charge management screen (if the option is available) to not expose the battery on the high charging level when not necessary. This maximizes the life of the battery.