This Hyundai electric three-wheeler is not what you think it is

Hyundai Material Handling has upgraded their U series electric forklifts with new features and improved efficiency, comfort and energy consumption for the European market.

Some of the new features of the 3-wheel models include Schabmüller drive motors, ACE series Zapi controllers, low-noise ZF drive train, electrical steering and auto parking function. The 3-wheel e-forklifts models 15BT-9U / 18BT-9U and 20BT-9U. The Zapi controllers come with IP65 protection with improved control of the motors and the motors themselves are new with more power (drive motors 2 x 5.4 kW, lifting motor 14.9kW). The new electrical steering saves up to 33 per cent energy consumption using energy only when it is operated and the feedback control is proportional to travel speed.

Auto parking function prevents the trucks from rolling backwards on ramps or gradients when idling by enabling the electromagnetic brakes when the accelerator pedal is released. Other features include a 4.3-inch touchscreen anti-glare instrument cluster, three drive modes and Operator Presence Sensing System, which switches off all the driving and hydraulic functions when the driver is not seated.

The 9U series 3-wheel forklifts are Li-Ion ready and can be configured with either lead-acid or Lithium-Ion batteries. While the 15BT-9U models have batteries ranging from 525 Ah to 602 Ah (Li-Ion 376 Ah), the 18BT-9U & 20BT-9U models have 625 Ah to 750 Ah (Li-Ion 470 Ah) battery choices. They have a load capacity range of 1,500 to 2,000 kg and can lift up to 7m mm height.

The four-wheel e-forklifts (25B-9U, 30B-9U and 35B-9U) are equipped with an electro-hydraulic servo steering that saves up to 17 per cent of energy, new low-noise hydraulic pumps and have a load capacity range from 2,500 to 3,500 at 500 mm load centre. While the 25B-9U model is powered by a 720 Ah/48 V battery, the larger models have batteries ranging from 810-900 Ah. They are also available with 564 Ah Li-Ion batteries.

Hyundai developing hydrogen-powered forklifts & excavators

Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE), of which Hyundai Material Handling is a part of, recently announced that they would be developing the world’s first hydrogen-powered forklifts and excavators.

HCE will be working with Hyundai Motor Group and Hyundai Mobis for the development of fuel cell construction equipment. As per the MoU signed between the companies, Hyundai Motor Group and Hyundai Mobis will be involved in designing and manufacturing the hydrogen fuel cell systems, while Hyundai Construction Equipment will be responsible for the design, manufacture, and evaluation of the excavators and forklifts. The fuel-cell models are expected to hit the market by 2023.