Tata Nexon electric gets 35 connected car features

Tata Motors has introduced the ZConnect app that will be launched with the Nexon EV later this month. The ZConnect app offers 35 advanced connected car features and aims to be intuitive and easy to use.

Through the app, customers can remotely monitor the current charge levels, available range, charging history, nearest charging stations, detailed diagnostic report and more. Users can also use the app for remote lock/unlock, remote lamp control & remote horn activation. The app allows the user to pre-cool the car with remote cooling function.

The app suggests charging halts along the way by mapping the current location of the car and navigation services during long trips. The ‘Sharing Live Location’ feature lets users share and get their live location tracked by chosen friends/relatives.

Tata Nexon EV ZConnect App
Through its partnership with Tata Power, Tata Motors has over 300 charging stations across key metros in India which customers can avail access to with the app. It can also find the nearest Tata Motors service station and the user can call the dedicated 24×7 call centre for tech support and roadside assistance through the registered mobile number.

In case of an accident, the ZConnect app will send out instant crash notifications, panic notifications and an emergency SOS, when necessary. Customers can also request for remote immobilization service if the car is stolen.

Tata Nexon Electric owners can set custom speed, geo fence and time fence limits to track the car and any breaches will trigger an alert on their smartphones. The app also has over 20 different instant alerts programmed in to inform the user about critical vehicle health and safety parameters.

The ZConnect app continuously monitors and analyzes the driving behaviour and provides insights such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, average speed, etc to improve performance and range. Users can share their respective scorecards on social media or on an inbuilt community of EV owners called “Tribes”.

Image Source: Tata Motors EV Twitter handle