Bold Suzuki Jimny Electric previews the next-gen model of the EV-only era

The GMC Hummer EVs clearly signal the switch to pure electric powertrains even for the toughest of off-roaders, and the pint-sized Suzuki Jimny would be no exception in the future. That set in stone, here’s a Suzuki Jimny Electric (or a Maruti Gypsy Electric), a no-frills all-electric off-roader we might see in the showrooms as the next-gen model during the EV-only era, designed by the highly talented automotive designer Aryan Hosseinalipour who earlier did renders of the Yamaha FZ Electric bike.

We got Aryan to take us through his new concept, and here’s what he told us. Note that the Jimny Electric on this page is not an official/company project, and is the work of an auto enthusiast:


It was technically the Jimny. Remember reading when growing up that it was one of the first cars in that size class to conquer altitude. Jimny was always the car which I really liked. A few years ago when they finally released the new Jimny, I had an idea of an electric version of this compact SUV.

An electric powertrain for an off-road-oriented SUV would be very interesting because torque is really important for them. Electric powertrains deliver torque in abundance, right from the word go. So, I thought why not design a neo-retro next-gen Suzuki Jimny with an electric powertrain.

Suzuki Jimny Electric EV drivetrain
The Suzuki Jimny Electric in the unofficial renderings points at the next-gen Suzuki Jimny.

When I sat out for designing, first what I took into consideration was how would the switch to a pure electric powertrain affect the whole vehicle. The original Jimny has a ladder frame chassis and most of the new-age electric cars coming out these days have a skateboard chassis. They have many similarities, and so, I thought that’s going to affect the ground clearance a lot if you don’t have transmission shaft and gears.

Design Overview

I first made the chassis, and then on top of that, I started designing the body. The Suzuki Jimny has excellent approach and departure angles, thanks to visibly small overhangs.

Many other characteristics are similar design-wise, including the boxy look. I kept the windows really big on the side; the shoulder line is dipping down to give a better view of the outside. I gave it the panoramic sunroof as well considering urban customers demand such features even in the toughest of tough electric SUVs.


At the front, you will see a lot of neatly designed LED lights, which would provide even brighter illumination and that too more efficiently. There is no need for air vent for cooling, and so, I’ve used a fancy glass panel designed to replicate the look of the signature five-slot grille. I gave a small gap on the sides for cooling. That makes the front-end more appealing and eye-catching compared to a typical EV with a body-coloured nose cone.


Suzuki Jimny Electric EV side profile
The truly global Suzuki Jimny should always remain a 3-door model.

For the rims as well, I went for a bit futuristic design for the next-gen Suzuki Jimny. As for the pillars, I tried to put them behind glass panels to give the profile a distinctive look. As a result, it looks like there is a seamless glass panel going around the SUV.


At the rear end, I kept a spare wheel as the Suzuki Jimny has always had the spare wheel there. The tail lamps are all-LED units and much slimmer.

Suzuki Jimny Electric EV rear three quarters
Along with an electric powertrain, the Suzuki Jimny adopts all-LED lighting.


With imaginations already running wild, I see this Suzuki Jimny Electric featuring a quad-motor eAWD drivetrain layout, with each wheel spun by a dedicated motor. Practically, though, two electric motors, one on each axle, sounds more realistic. These two motors could generate around 140 kW or 190 PS of power and approximately 300 Nm of torque. That’s double the power and more than double the torque of the Mk4 Suzuki Jimny’s K15B internal combustion engine.

The battery pack is placed on the floor of the cabin for a high centre of gravity since. So, one can expect better driving dynamics than the current model despite the familiar boxy body.

Customer Base

Suzuki Jimny Electric EV top view
Aryan’s next-gen Suzuki Jimny in the rendering features a panoramic sunroof.

The Suzuki Jimny Electric customers would be people frequently seeking off-road adventures, living in areas with poor roads and lot of traffic, or seeking an old-school SUV in a small budget. A common characteristic of these customers would be the drive to implement eco-friendliness in their mode of transport.