Super Soco TS Street Hunter electric bike to launch in February

Chinese brand Super Soco has been operating in the global market with two electric motorcycles – the Super Soco TS and the Super Soco TC, the equivalent of 50 cc and 125 cc bikes. The next chapter of the company’s motorcycle business will be the Super Soco TS Street Hunter, a bigger model on the premium end of the range.

Video Source: Soco

The upcoming Super Soco bike has a sharp design, and it features dual LED lights and red striping on the forks. We’ve enhanced the brightness of the right-side photo above for a better look at the cowl and tank shards. The bike’s rear-end features a notably thin tail light and catchy three-element turn indicators.

Speaking to Vanessa Ruck (@TheGirlOnABike) in November 2020, Richard Jordan the founder of VMoto UK & Super Soco UK, has confirmed a few details of the 2021 Super Soco motorcycle. This was an interview on the Motorcycle Live Youtube channel.

Super Soco TS Street Hunter features & positioning

Vanessa Ruck asked Jordan that electric bikes seem to be either sub-five grand or over ten grand (GBP), nothing in between, and if there are plans for Super Soco to launch something in the high performance middleweight:

Yes, we are looking at that at the moment hopefully we’ll have an announcement at some point in the Spring (March – May 2021). Can’t say what it’s going to look like at the moment, we still don’t know exactly, don’t have the performance figures yet. It’s looking like there will be a new addition to our family at some point in the Spring.

Richard Jordan of Super Soco UK.

Super Soco’s French Facebook account said last year that it would make news about its 2021 model during the first virtual motorcycle show organized by MotoStation. The company said that it was to hold a press conference during the EICMA or INTERMOT motorcycle shows, which was not possible due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While the virtual show came and went, there was no word on the motorcycle, rather the CPx was displayed during the event to the disappointment of EV bikes.

In the teaser put out before the show, Super Soco revealed a razor-sharp motorcycle design that looks bulkier than the TS. The future electric bike has a sportier rider posture and is highlighted with grey and red body accents. The headlamp assembly is not the round or oval shape as in the current generation but is an oval enclosure that is reminiscent of a Ducati Diavel with a maxi-naked look. The new generation electric bike keeps the mono-shock rear suspension but gets split grab rails for added sportiness. There are squared rearview mirrors and a reflector on the front telescope.

Super Soco 2021 bike teaser
Design of the next-generation Super Soco teased on the French company’s Facebook page in November 2020.

Super Soco has an indirect presence in India through Revolt Motors which identifies the Chinese brand as a “frame partner” for the Revolt RV300 & Revolt RV400 bikes.

We’ll keep an eye on the Super Soco Street Hunter, be sure to check back in a few days.

Featured Image Source: Soco