Sonalika Tiger Electric is India’s electric tractor for the world [Video]

Sonalika Tractors today launched the Sonalika Tiger Electric at a price of INR 5.99 lakh (ex-showroom). As the name suggests, the new product is an electric tractor, and its stated price is applicable for an introductory period.

Sonalika Tractors claims that the Sonalika Tiger Electric is India’s first field-ready electric tractor. The electric tractor is powered by an IP67-compliant 25.5 kWh battery pack and the running cost of the Sonalika Tiger Electric is 1/4th that of a traditional, diesel model.

Video Source: Tractors

The 25.5 kWh battery pack of the Sonalika Tiger Electric can be fully charged at a domestic electrical outlet in 10 hours. So, keeping it on charge overnight at home should make it ready to operate at full capacity by morning. Using a fast-charger, the charging time reduces to just 4 hours. However, support for fast-chargers is an optional feature.

The Sonalika Tiger Electric can be operated for eight hours with a two-tonne trolley. The new electric tractor has a top speed of 24.93 km/h. The motor’s power and torque, the lift capacity and several other key details aren’t revealed today. What Sonalika Tractors does say is that the motor of Tiger electric tractor has a German design.

Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor front three quarters
The Sonalika Tiger Electric electric tractor has an operation time of eight hours (with a two-tonne trolley).

Sonalika Tractors calls the Sonalika Tiger Electric a model “made for the world”, suggesting that it could sell it in many overseas markets, including European countries and the USA. The company manufactures the new electric tractor at its Hoshiarpur plant in the State of Punjab.