Brazil’s Voltz EVS electric bike can do 120 km/h & 180 km range [Update]

Following electric bikes from Canada, China, India, Spain and Italy, Brazilian EV two-wheeler brand Voltz Motors introduced an electric street motorcycle, the Voltz EVS, which has gathered 1200+ bookings since its launch in late September. Brazil’s first ‘smart’ electric bike is more capable than the Revolt RV400, which is the best electric bike in India right now.

At the front, the Voltz EVS has a medium-sized windscreen, sharply cut mirrors, slim LED turn indicators and an edgy, V-shaped LED headlamp. On the sides, the new electric bike features neatly sculpted surfaces and an entirely closed section where the powertrain is housed.

Voltz Motors EVS electric motorcycle dashboard
The Voltz EVS electric bike features a smart key and comes with a reverse function.

The panels for the powertrain housing come in grey or black colours, while the rest of the body can be had in either black, blue, red, green, brown or grey. At the rear, the new electric bike has a slim LED tail lamp and LED turn indicators. While the headlamp slightly reminds us of KTM Dukes, the curvy bodywork has nothing in common with the Austrian naked bikes.

The Voltz EVS has a fully digital instrument that is a colour panel and offers GPS, and Bluetooth and 4G connectivity options, and it features a smart key as well. The new electric bike measures 1,900 mm in length, 780 mm in width and 1,040 mm in height and has a 1,460 mm wheelbase. It has 17-inch wheels with 120/70 R17 (front)/14070 R17 (rear) tyres, and its dry weight is 130 kg.

Voltz EVS rear three quarters right side
The Voltz EVS is the first electric bike in Brazil and aimed at an audience passionate about biking and who are used to traveling long distances in the urban environment.

The battery is a 33.6 Ah, 72 V or 2.42 kWh unit, weighs 9 kg and has a life of 2,000 charge cycles, with 1,500 charge cycles guaranteed. It is removable and customers can install up to two of them together, to get a range of up to 180 km. Fully charging both the batteries takes 5 hours.

The Voltz EVS mounts a 7 kW (9.52 PS) electric motor that makes it capable of achieving speeds up to 120 km/h, and it does have a reverse function. The customer can select from three ride modes on this new electric bike: Eco, Standard and Sport. A 0-60 km/h sprint on the Voltz EVS takes six seconds, which is comparable to 150-160 cc petrol engine bikes. The table below shows how the speed and range vary as per the battery and ride mode selections:

Ride ModeSingle Battery SpeedSingle Battery Top RangeDual Battery SpeedDual Battery Top Range
Eco80 km/h120 km80 km/h180 km
Standard100 km/h100 km100 km/h150 km
Sport120 km/h80 km120 km/h120 km
Voltz EVS electric bike range & top speed.

The Voltz EVS is now available to order, with a deposit of BRL 250 (INR 3,255.21), and its prices are BRL 15,900 (INR 2,07,031.11) for the single-battery variant and INR 2,46,093.58 for the dual-battery variant.

In July, we spoke to Manoel Fonseca, the chief marketing officer of Voltz Motors, asking him about the electric motorcycle and the company’s plans.

Can you tell us about the Voltz EVS electric bike’s smart features?

The Voltz EVS is the second product from Voltz Motors and the first intelligent bike in Brazil. This bike will inform the rider on the weather, who is calling, what is the music played on the earphone. It has Google Maps and other things that make it the first intelligent bike.

What next can we expect on the Voltz EVS?

The rider will have a personalized experience, like on a smartphone, from next year. In the future, the EVS will have a bigger screen (the dashboard will have a lot of customization to be personalised to anyone).

Can you give information on the manufacturing of the Voltz EVS?

Voltz Motors is a Brazilian company. We have our manufacturing in China. We bought our design and the license to sell in Brazil. Probably this year we will start some part of the manufacturing in Amazonas (state in Brazil).

What about the sales & retail operations?

Right now, we have sold about 1,200 units of our scooter (EV 01), we started sales in November 2019. We have 45 showrooms, by December we wish to expand to 100 – you can’t buy our bike at our showrooms, only experience products. You have to purchase the bike via the website, following which you receive the product at your home. You receive the bike in our beautiful box and you’ll have the experience of unboxing it in your community and share happiness with others!

Voltz EVS electric motorcycle sketches

What are your future launches?

Obviously, we wish to have a product family. We already have a scooter, and we will launch the EVS in the street category, and probably after that an off-road bike, and a long-range cruiser.

Do you plan to sell Voltz Motors products in neighbouring countries?

We are in talks with distributors in Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Portugal, but we haven’t signed contracts. Every country has a different culture, so we want to get it right when we enter these markets. So it is our plan to expand into new regions.

Images in the story have been sourced from the Voltz Motors official website and directly from Voltz Motors.