Brazil’s Voltz EVS electric bike debuting on 23 September

Following electric bikes from Canada, China, India, Spain and Italy, Brazilian EV two-wheeler brand Voltz Motors is planning an electric street bike, EVS. The company has announced that it will unveil the Voltz EVS on 23 September 2020. It has recently released new teasers of the ‘smart’ electric bike.

One of the new Voltz EVS teasers (above picture) shows its front end with a medium-sized windscreen, sharply cut mirrors, slim turn indicators and an edgy, V-shaped LED headlamp. The other teaser (below picture) confirms that the battery will be portanle. The battery will apparently have a handle to make carrying it more convenient and a charging status indicator comes on the top for convenience.

Voltz EVS teaser EVW

In July, a teaser (above picture) of the Voltz EVS electric motorcycle had revealed its profile and possibly its colour options. The headlamp slightly reminds us of KTM Dukes, although the curvy bodywork leaves nothing else in common with the Austrian naked bikes. The teaser also provides a glimpse of the electric bike visibly fat tyres, noticeably small front disc, USD front fork and alloy rims shaped like streams of electrical current.

The Voltz EVS, the first electric bike in Brazil, is aimed at an audience passionate about bikes and who are used to travelling long distances in the urban environment. The company has also made it clear that several customization options will be possible according to the user’s preference.

In July, we spoke to Manoel Fonseca, the chief marketing officer of Voltz Motors, asking him about the electric motorcycle and the company’s plans.

Can you tell us about the Voltz EVS electric bike?

The Voltz EVS is the second product from Voltz Motors. We are still working on the Voltz EVS, we haven’t finished yet. We launched the teaser to the public because we understand everybody wants to know what is the next bike from Voltz Motors. We will probably launch it in Brazil in August. The EVS (Electric Vehicle Street) will be the first intelligent bike in Brazil. This bike will inform the rider on the weather, who is calling, what is the music played on the has Google Maps and other things that make it the first intelligent bike.

What can we expect on the performance of the Voltz EVS?

The bike can go to a top speed of 100 km/h, the range is 100 km per charge. Next year, the customer can adjust the settings of the bike. For example, if you want more power, you can choose more while compromising range. Whether it is power, range or acceleration, they can have it – it becomes a personalized bike. The hardware of the motorcycle is the same, and the change in the software can give you different outputs. The rider will have a personalized experience, like on a smartphone, from next year. In the future, the EVS will have a bigger screen (the dashboard will have a lot of customization to be personalised to anyone).

Can you give information on the manufacturing of the Voltz EVS?

Voltz Motors is a Brazilian company. We have our manufacturing in China. We bought our design and the license to sell in Brazil. Probably this year we will start some part of the manufacturing in Amazonas (state in Brazil).

What about the sales & retail operations?

Right now, we have sold about 1,200 units of our scooter (EV 01), we started sales in November 2019. We have 45 showrooms, by December we wish to expand to 100 – you can’t buy our bike at our showrooms, only experience products. You have to purchase the bike via the website, following which you receive the product at your home. You receive the bike in our beautiful box and you’ll have the experience of unboxing it in your community and share happiness with others!

Voltz EVS electric motorcycle sketches

What are your future launches?

Obviously we wish to have a product family. We already have a scooter, and we will launch the EVS in the street category (August), and probably after that an off-road bike, and a long-range cruiser.

Do you plan to sell Voltz Motors products in neighbouring countries?

We are in talks with distributors in Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Portugal, but we haven’t signed contracts. Every country has a different culture, so we want to get it right when we enter these markets. So it is our plan to expand into new regions.

Voltz EV 01 electric scooter

Voltz Motors currently has only one model in its portfolio – the EV 01 electric scooter that is powered by a 60 V, 28 Ah battery, offering a range of up to 60 km per charge and can be charged to full capacity in just 4 hours. Driven by an 1.8 kW Bosch electric motor, the ES 01 can go up to a maximum speed of 60 km/h. Other features of the scooter include 12-inch wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, speakers and a dedicated app that allows the riders to schedule services, access information about the scooter and find the nearest recharge points. It is priced at 9,490 Brazilian real (Rs. 1.33 lakh).