Skoda Enyaq Coupe deliveries may not commence this year [Update]

The customer deliveries Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV may not begin this year, at least not in the UK. A new report from Autocar says that the coupe version of the Enyaq will arrive next year. While Skoda has confirmed a world premiere this year, it may be Q1 2022 before the start of customer deliveries.

Skoda is facing supply chain issues, mainly a shortage of critical parts like semiconductors. There’s a mass-level semiconductor shortage in the auto industry worldwide right now, and that has led to delays in many product launches across brands. As per Reuters, Skoda continues to cancel factory shifts as it is running out of options. The company is finishing road-tests of the upcoming EV to fine-tune it in the meantime.

We have a production capacity in Mlada Boleslav of 350 Enyaqs per day, ramping it up now to 500 and then to 800 (units/day) over time. Right now we don’t know what to do, because the feedback from the market is unbelievable. We have had orders like there’s no tomorrow! And the success, I mean we knew it’s a great car, but the success actually surprised us. At the moment we need them for Europe, and as soon as capacity is there we can go to the other markets. For now, we have a serious supply shortage.

Skoda CEO Thomas Schafer on the Enyaq iV at the Next-Level Skoda Strategy 2030 announcement on June 24

By the end of March, registrations had crossed 20,000 Enyaqs (reservations began in September 2020), and the electric SUV has charmed the Skoda bosses. The executive board’s excitement should go up in the coming months when the Enyaq iV Coupe debuts, but it would depend on how many cars it can deliver and how the situation with the chip shortage evolves.

“After our world premiere, here in our home turf in Prague we are more than thrilled about the media and customer feedback we are receiving,” Martin Jahn, BoM member for Sales and Marketing, Skoda, said at the company’s annual press conference in March 2021. “Over 20,000 customer orders in the first months are proof of this model’s future success,” he added, referring to the Enyaq iV.


Skoda Enyaq Coupe front quarters spy shot
The Skoda Enyaq Coupe would get similar facial features, but changes get drastic behind the B-Pillar. Image Source: & Skoda

The Skoda Enyaq Coupe (Skoda Enyaq iV Coupe) will be the direct production version of the Skoda Vision iV electric SUV coupe concept.

While previously, the Skoda Enyaq Coupe prototypes used full-body camouflage, the portion that is different from the Enyaq, which is B-pillar onwards, is covered. The coupe-like, flowing roofline would lead to improved aerodynamics compared, and thus, a marginally higher range. The headroom for rear-seat passengers and the boot space will be compromised for the sportier styling, though. For reference, the regular Enyaq iV offers 585 litres of luggage space, which customers can expand to 1,710 litres by folding down the rear seats,

In October 2020, we presented spy shots from forum member Michal Z who snapped the yet-to-be-named Skoda Enyaq Coupe testing on European roads. Then, in December 2020,‘s Jan Červenka captured the car on the Czech motorway. So think of the Skoda Enyaq Coupe and Skoda Enyaq as the same relationship between the BMW X6 and the X5.

Compared to Enyaq, the Enyaq Coupe has a wider and lower body, along with a roof dropping steeply to the rear and into the short D-pillars that give it the effect of a coupe or a raised sedan. Changes in the proportions lend it a planted stance and a visibly more athletic character. The interior of the Skoda Enyaq Coupe may be more or less the same as that of the Enyaq.


Enhanced aerodynamics would allow the coupe version to accelerate a tad faster and lower energy consumption in driving. For reference, the regular version goes 0-100 km/h as quickly as in 6.2 seconds and has a drag coefficient of 0.27 Cd. In addition, the Skoda Enyaq Coupe should come with all or most of the Skoda Enyaq battery pack and motor options.

Theoretically, the coupe version should offer better performance and a higher range in the same configurations, as observed on the Audi e-tron Sportback vis-a-vis the e-tron SUV. For reference, below are the Skoda Enyaq iV specifications:

Parameter/SpecificationEnyaq 50 iVEnyaq 60 iVEnyaq 80 iVEnyaq 80X iVEnyaq RS iV
Power109 kW132 kW150 kW195 kW225 kW
Torque220 Nm310 Nm310 Nm425 Nm460 Nm
Acceleration (0-100 km/h)11.4 seconds8.7 seconds8.5 seconds6.9 seconds6.2 seconds
Top Speed160 km/h160 km/h160 km/h160 km/h180 km/h
Battery Pack55 kWh/52 kWh62 kWh/58 kWh62 kWh/58 kWh82 kWh/77 kWh82 kWh/77 kWh
Range (WLTP)340 km390 km510 km460 km460 km

EVW gathers that the Enyaq iV would have more than just one derivative. The range could see an expansion in the coming years, and it is likely that Skoda would go in the downward direction than create more premium vehicles. Skoda has confirmed that it plans to launch entry variants of existing cars to make an offer that is enticing to more buyers, but the supply chain’s readiness would dictate the launch timescale.

The Skoda Enyaq Coupe will rival the VW ID.5, which debuts in the third quarter of the year. In markets that place importance on rear-seat comfort, the coupe version may not find as many customers as the regular Enyaq iV.

I am particularly looking forward to the world premiere of the Enyaq iV Coupé: our second highly evocative all-electric car built on the MEB platform.

Thomas Schafer, CEO, Skoda in March 2021


Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV customers will likely get to use Powerpass, a charging service from Elli company – Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH. With a Powerpass recharge card, customers can charge EVs anywhere in the charging network of various operators, including Ionity. Moreover, there’s no need for a separate registration or one-off payment.

The single card will allow charging at more than 210,000 charging stations across 30 markets in Europe. The customers have to deal with the payments once a month in a combined bill, which includes a small fee for using the service. Thus, one can think of Powerpass as a credit card service for recharging electric cars.

Skoda Vision iV concept – Image Gallery

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