Skoda Citigo iV successor to be an MEB-Lite electric car [Update]

The fuel-engined Skoda Citigo was replaced by the Skoda Citigo iV electric city car in Europe when it entered production in November 2019. In 2020, the brand limited sales of the electric car, choosing to focus on more profitable models. The Skoda Citigo iV’s successor, however, will be entirely something else.

A report in December from, citing Skoda Chairman, Thomas Schafer, suggested that the next generation Skoda Citigo iV will be a bigger electric car that is a sister model to the VW ID.1. Schafer had said that if a small EV like the VW ID.1 is launched, a Skoda version could follow.

We would definitely try and follow suit on that. If the platform is there we could do something clever on top of it – it would definitely look completely different.

Thomas Schafer, Chairman, Skoda Auto, to AutoExpress on the plan for a city car.

Volkswagen Group is working on a version of the MEB platform that brands can deploy in cars smaller and cheaper than the ID.3. According to a report from, this platform is the ‘MEB-Lite’ to spawn B-segment hatchbacks and SUVs with the cost structure that makes small electric cars profitable.

Skoda Citigo MEB Lite rear render
Brazilian rendering expert Kleber Silva portrays his idea of the next gen Skoda Citigo taking design cues from various Skoda and VW Group cars. Image via Behance.

Dedicated EV platforms allow making cars in sizes smaller than that of their ICE counterparts and EV conversions without compromise in space or features. So, an all-electric alternative to the Skoda Fabia built on the MEB-Lite platform need not be as big. The successor to the Citigo would be much shorter than the new Skoda Fabia and come available with battery packs of an energy storage capacity of up to 45 kWh offering sufficient range for city usage.

VW ID.1 teaser MEB-Lite platform
The VW ID.1 will lead to a Skoda version that would serve as the Citigo iV’s successor. Pictured is a holiday greeting from 2019 that allegedly teases the VW ID.1, issued by Volkswagen.

The VW ID.1, an electric VW Up! alternative, is expected to be the second hatchback based on the MEB-Lite platform. It was teased (above) in a Christmas newsletter sent to journalists, as per another report from It could arrive in the first markets around 2024, with the larger VW ID.2 in the size class of the VW Polo preceding it by a year.

Skoda and Volkswagen will have to launch small EVs in India at some point, but whether they will be the global MEB Lite platform-based models or other market-specific low-cost models remains to be seen.

Display image: Kleber Silva of KDesign AG via Behance.