SEAT MÓ electric scooter with 125 km range unveiled for Europe

The Catalan-based carmaker and Volkswagen subsidiary company SEAT announced the inception of their new brand, SEAT MÓ, aimed to focus on urban mobility. Along with the brand, SEAT vice-president for Sales and Marketing and CUPRA CEO, Wayne Griffiths, presented two new electric scooters under the SEAT MO brand called the eScooter 125 and the eKickscooter 65.

Video Courtesy: SEAT Sverige

These scooters mark the first 100% electric SEAT two-wheelers in the 70-year history of the company. In the end, the company also confirmed the inception of its first electric moto-sharing service in Barcelona which will begin operations by July. Barcelona will be a proving ground for the development of SEAT MO’s urban mobility scooter before they can be exported to other countries.

SEAT MÓ eScooter 125

The SEAT MÓ eScooter 125, a rebranded Silence S01 scooter from Barcelona-based electric scooter manufacturer Silence, is designed for personal mobility as well as ride-sharing services while the SEAT MÓ eKickscooter 65 is purely intended for last-mile connectivity and cannot be used as mainstream mobility.

Underneath the eScooter 125, one can find a hub-mounted 9 kW (peak output) electric motor which is equivalent to a 125 cc model. The 240 Nm of torque is ample for city rides and enough to propel it all the way to 95 km/h. The 0-50km/h time of only 3.9 seconds makes it quite ideal for the city traffic. It offers 3 usage modes – City, Sport and Eco for various driving scenarios and an integrated reverse gear for easy maneuverability.

To eliminate range anxiety generally associated with electric scooters, the eScooter offers up to 125 km of range on a single charge thanks to the large 5.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This battery pack is removable and can be charged via a home power socket. Removable batteries also enable battery the availing of swapping facilities in the future. 

Despite the size of the batteries and motor, the eScooter 125 offers storage space to store two helmets in the under-seat storage area which ticks the practicality box. For more user-friendliness, the SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 comes with its own smartphone app, providing vital information on scooter’s position and ride stats. The 2 in-built USB ports ensure your phone never runs out of battery.

The eScooter 125 can be requested in three colours: Daring Red, Dark Aluminium and Oxygen White

SEAT Mo eScooter 125 personal and ride sharing

While the eScooter 125 is aimed at private users, SEAT MO will offer a separate version for ride-sharing companies (left) with a few more features designed to help customers like a top box case mounted in the rear to store helmets and a phone holder. The ride-sharing version will be available in a Dark Aluminium matt paint with some decals.

SEAT told us that in the UK, the company is looking at the release pricing and opening for order later this year. These scooters going on sale is dependent on passing of legislation in regard to the use of escooters in public places.

MÓ eScooter 125 specificationValue
Motor output9 kW
Motor torque240 Nm
Battery capacity5.6 kWh
Scooter Range125 km
Acceleration (0-50 km/h)3.9 seconds
Top speed95 km/h
PriceTo Be Announced