Coming in 2020: Road that charges your car as you drive on it

Israel-based Electreon Wireless Ltd. is planning to install 2 km stretch of road with electric charging coils in Tel Aviv in mid-August. This will enable electric vehicles to be charged while driving.

In an interview with Bloomberg Quint, Oren Ezer, Chief Executive Officer of Electreon Wireless Ltd, has said that the start-up company is planning to install 600 metres of coils under the 2 km stretch of road in Tel Aviv. He further said that the company is in the final stages of development and is coordinating with the utility companies, internet providers and municipality for the engineering work. Electreon will start the road’s test-run with an electric bus intended for public transportation and a similar test will also be conducted in Sweden, where the company has already successfully tested a long-haul electric truck in February.

Electreon will be involved in building a smart e-road in Sweden and initially build a 1.6 km stretch, as a part of 4.1 km patch between the airport and town centre of Visby on the idyllic island of Gotland. The project is funded by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and is a part of the Swedish government’s electric road roadmap to reduce CO2 emissions from heavy transportation. After evaluating the initial demo results, the Swedish Transport Administration will look to invest in electric roads on a larger scale.

Video Courtesy: Smartroad Gotland Youtube channel

The Israeli project was slowed down because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but Electreon is aiming to complete the road soon. The coils under the road get electricity from the city power grid and transmit the energy to a receiver attached to the bottom of the electric vehicle that allows for continuous charging while driving.