Renault Zoe to launch in India next year, showcase at Auto Expo 2020

Last month we got word from Renault India’s MD that the company was looking at an electric vehicle for the Indian market. We had speculated that it would launch next year and it would be the Renault City K-ZE, the electric version of the Kwid, that is serving in China.

2019 Renault Zoe rear press image
The Zoe, now in its third generation, gets two outputs – 110 PS and 135 PS, with a range of up to 390 km for a single charge. Autocar India reports that the Indian version will come with a smaller 41 kWh battery capacity and 90 PS output.

However, Autocar India has cracked the story, claiming that it would be the Zoe that would launch. The company is planning to showcase it at the 2020 Auto Expo to observe what the media and the public make of it. The company has already sold the Zoe to Bengaluru-based electric cab aggregator Lithium Urban Technologies, which ran trials in India.

2019 Renault Zoe cabin press image
The interior of the Renault Zoe thanks to the flat floor and the cab-forward design, offers levels of space similar to the Hyundai i20. At INR 14 lakh (ex-showroom) price, it would be a test marketing program for Renault India.

Autocar India claims that the model is currently under testing and engineers have made many modifications to suit the vehicle to Indian conditions. It is a standard procedure for manufacturers to enhance the AC compressor displacement and increase the ground clearance of imported models, but additionally, Renault is adding extra protection to the underside of the battery to keep unregulated speed bumps from damaging it. The company is also testing the range of the vehicle.

2019 Renault Zoe interior press image
The top versions of the Zoe get the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system running on a 9.3-inch touchscreen and a 10-inch TFT instrument cluster.

The first cars are expected to be launched next year as a CKD kit (assembled at the Renault-Nissan plant near Chennai) powered by a 90 hp motor and a 41 kWh battery pack, which indicates the previous-generation Zoe’s specifications. This combination, combined with the car’s small size, will give it a range of 300-350 km in the real world conditions, Autocar India reports.

There won’t be many takers for the Zoe initially as it is thought to be priced at INR 14-16 lakh, but it is a data logger for Renault which intends to produce electric vehicles for India in the future.

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