Renault Zoe electric hatchback showcased in India [Video]

The first generation Zoe was launched back in 2012 with a real-world range of about 148 km. At the time, the average travel distance of city-dwelling Europeans was considered. With the improvement in charging infrastructure and the increase in consumer demand for going green in Europe, Renault launched the third generation Zoe last year that boasts of beyond-city capabilities with a real-world range of around 387 km (WLTP).

Below is the video that details the exterior of the Zoe, a car that is designed from the ground up to be an electric vehicle, from its Indian debut at the Auto Expo 2020.

Renault Zoe has grown over time and the curves and creases of the previous generation are more distinctive and defined. The redesigned bumpers and the logo compliment the new LED headlamps that offer brighter illumination continuing to be framed by the trademark c-shaped daytime running lights. The rear gets new bigger and brighter LED tail lamps including dynamic turn indicators that sweep from the centre outwards. New Zoe offers redesigned wheels that are available in three sizes each i.e. 15, 16 and 17-inches. Regardless, all Zoe models come fitted with four-wheel disc braking as standard. Taking the customisation to the new level are three new colour options – Celadon Blue, Flame Red and Quartz White, improving the tally to nine options now.

While the second-generation Zoe already had an interesting interior, the new one offers better fit and finish, more storage spaces and more equipment. Greeting the driver is a 10-inch TFT display which is standard across the range. The driver display offers customisations in terms of lighting and layout of the different information available on-screen. Turn by turn navigation is available on supporting models. The redesigned dashboard offers more space and use of new materials like fabric matching to that of the seats looks neat. Centre of the dashboard houses the 9.3-inch touchscreen infotainment display that offers both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.

The previous gen Renault Zoe was powered by the 110PS R110 powertrain which has been carried over along with the introduction of a new and more powerful 135PS R135 powertrain. The new motor delivers a healthy 245 Nm torque from get-go driving through a single-speed gearbox. With the new motor, the Zoe sprints to 100 km/h in less than 10 seconds. In-gear acceleration from 80 km/h to 120 km/h takes just 7.1 seconds, 2.2 seconds quicker than the R110 motor.

Increasing the driving range by 30 per cent, the new 52 kWh Z.E. 50 battery fits into the mould of the previous 40 kWh battery translating to the increased range without compromising space levels. Apart from the standard AC charging, the new Zoe gets fast direct charging option that delivers 144 km of driving range in just 30 mins. The standard charging takes overnight to charge to full.

The safety features on offer have been carried over but with a brand-new electrical infrastructure and updated interface, the sensors work better in conjunction while the processing time decreases improving response time for each feature.

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