Renault Symbioz Concept from the Auto Expo 2020 [Video]

Renault India is showcasing its electric Symbioz Concept at 2020 Auto Expo. Unveiled in 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Symbioz concept car comes with an all-wheel our-control driving system for enhanced driving experience.

Tested by the automotive publications worldwide, the Renault Symbioz gets an ‘easy connect’ connected solution. The car features the Renault multi-sense 3.0 system which adjusts the LED lighting and permits users to select from the driving modes – dynamic, classic and AD. 

Speaking of the Renault Symbioz Concept’s exteriors, it gets LED headlights, rear bumper radars, rear camera, ultrasound sensors, and roof spoiler. Inspired by the French Design of Renault, the Symbioz exterior looks dynamic and sensual.

The Symbioz is powered by a 72kWh battery with a motor that generates a peak power of 500kW as well as a max torque of 660Nm. The battery can be charged up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. 

The Symbioz Concept cabin boasts of a digital infotainment system with three OLED screens that displays real-time navigation and driving information. In addition, the Symbioz interior features a big windshield-mounted head-up display, air vent system and built-in lighting door panels. The cabin rear follows an alcove design and concealed window for utmost privacy. The Symbioz cabin layout changes as per the driving mode.

The standard classic mode provides a conventional driving position followed by the comfort settings. In Dynamic driving mode, the driver seat gets additional lateral support. Chassis, steering as well as engine response are geared in dynamic driving mode. Talking of the AD driving mode, it allows driver to perform hands-off activities. When the driver switches on the AD mode, the L-shaped display with dashboard and steering wheel automatically moves back around 12 cm.

Including the Renault Symbioz Concept, Renault India is displaying 12 cars at the Auto Expo 2020.