Renault RS 2027 Vision Concept – Auto Expo 2020 Live

Renault has showcased the RS 2027 Vision Concept at the Auto Expo 2020. The RS 2027 Vision previews how Formula 1 electric race cars will be looking like in 2027.

The RS 2027 Vision Concept gets a transparent cockpit, offering an amazing ever view of the driver and for the driver at work. The lightweight shell is 3D-printed according to the driver’s body and the wheels get displays with active LED lighting to display the driver’s position, car’s remaining energy reserves and more for the viewers.

The car is instantly recognizable as an F1 car with the single-seat, their long nose, side pods and four open wheels. RS 2027 is incorporated with autonomous driving functions that handle driving duties automatically in situations of race incidents (safety car, virtual safety car, yellow flags, etc.).

To protect the driver from any accident, the car gets a closed cockpit and pop up roll-over bars. The closed cockpit protects the driver from flying debris and the two titanium ‘pop-up’ roll-over bars emerge from their unobtrusive location in milliseconds in case of overturning.

Inside, the steering wheel gets a digital display that tells the driver his ‘fan ranking’ position on social media and rewards the most deserving driver on the track with an additional boost of power in the last laps.

The total amount of power output in the RS 2027 is 1 megawatt and with a weight of 600, this future F1 car boasts of weight/power ratio never before reached in the history of Formula 1. The KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is now fixed at 500 kW through two ERS-K units, one at the front and one at the rear. Power is fed to all the four wheels and the car has high energy density batteries that are connected to high-performance dual-energy recovery system.