PUREEV ETrance+ Pro high-speed scooter to launch this year

IIT Hyderabad-incubated startup PURE EV has launched a low-speed electric scooter ETrance+ at a price of INR 56,999 (ex-showroom) featuring a 1.25 kWh removable battery and an on-road range of 65 km/charge. The ETrance+ targets the personal mobility segment which has witnessed an increased demand due to social distancing norms by commuters.

PURE EV says the Etrance+ features a robust chassis design, body components built for Indian road conditions and has features like regenerative braking, eABS and a SOC indicator (that displays the percentage of battery capacity remaining). The electric scooter comes in 4 colours – Red, Blue, Matt Black & Grey. Plans don’t stop there, as the company is planning a second variant, the PUREEV ETrance+ Pro on the same platform later this year.

We caught up with Rohit Vadera, Chief Executive Officer of PuREnergy, to speak about the new entry-level scooter and plans for the year:

Who is the target customer for the Etrance+?

In the low-speed scooter market the end customer is diverse. It could be senior citizens, kids attending school (10th class onward), middle-age people, housewives and even B2B customers over short distance commutes. In the low-speed market, when we talk geography wise, it is diverse. The ETrance+ is suited for the urban areas where traffic speed is less, it can be a secondary mode of transport for someone who already has a petrol scooter for short-distance commute. What we have observed in the last 3 months is that the demand for electric vehicles as means of personal mobility has gone up significantly due to social distancing. Our month-on-month sales has increased considerably, we have had a 300% increase in turnover year-on-year during this period.

PURE EV Etrance+ scooter front end
The PUREEV ETrance+ Pro high-speed scooter variant with a 90 km range and 65 km/h top speed would be launched closer to Diwali.

Being a Lithium-Ion battery manufacturer, we have a significant cost advantage and a strong focus on the battery in terms of longevity and the range enhancement. We have designed the battery thermal management system for the battery pack, and that ensures a significantly longer life. This price of Rs. 56,999 has been arrived at after significant R&D and a constant focus on quality and cost innovation. During the pre-launch period, we had good anticipation from our dealers. They are excited about how customers would respond to it, as it is a well-designed product with respect to the body parts, chassis design and the overall technical features.

What is the localization of the Etrance+?

In terms of indigenization, we are taking a step by step approach. This effort is ongoing to reach a 100% level. We are working on a global supply chain with the perspective that it must remain as robust as possible. As a company we are working much harder since the last few months on making the supply chain very robust.

What do you reckon are the top Etrance+ features?

The feature highlights of the Etrance+ is the regenerative braking system, where the controller is designed such that the energy gets stored in the battery when the brake is applied. We have the robust chassis, an electronic ABS and state of charge indicator. We are positioning this product well, at this price point there aren’t too many Lithium battery scooters available in the market.

When will the PUREV Etrance+ Pro variant come out in the market?

We have initiated the homologation process for the high-speed variant Etrance+ Pro, and that model will be launched closer to Diwali. That electric scooter will come with the 65 km/h top speed and a 90 km range. We are expecting that this will become another successful vertical, it will be positioned below the ePluto 7G which will remain our flagship product. We feel it will appeal to a niche market at a price of Rs 69,999 (ex-showroom).

What is your retail expansion plan?

We are targeting 200 touchpoints by March 2021. We have crossed 100 touchpoints as of now.