PureEV’s flagship electric scooter EPluto 7G set to gain new features

Hyderabad-based PureEV’s flagship electric scooter, the EPluto 7G will soon be updated with new features and colours as confirmed by the company’s Co-Founder, Rohit Vadera. The EPluto 7G has an ICATS certified range of 116 km/charge which is the highest for its category.

In a video call with Plugin India, Mr Vadera said that the EPluto 7G will remain PureEV’s flagship model on which continuous improvements will keep happening. However he did not provide specific information:

EPluto 7G will be our flagship model on which continuous improvements will keep on happening along the time. We do have a motorcycle project in the pipeline but this is something that will get rigorous analysis of the market. Specific to our product development cycle, we have been working with our suppliers for the additional features for our products in terms of colours and other add-ons.

Rohit Vadera, Co-Founder & CEO of PureEV

February 20, 2020 –

PureEV, in association with CK Motors, has launched the EPluto 7G electric scooter in Chennai priced at Rs 79,999 (ex-showroom). The CK Group is a Tirupur based company that is in the textiles business and is venturing into the automobile market in association with Pure EV, a startup incubated at IIT Hyderabad. CK Motors has signed an agreement for the manufacturing and distribution of Pure EV products in South India.

PureEV electric range
PureEV, in association with CK Motors, has introduced 4 products in Chennai – ETRON+, ETrance, EPluto and the EPluto 7G.

The company is setting up a 2,000 sq.mt assembly plant in Coimbatore which will begin production in April. This plant will assemble components that are sourced from China (that is in contract with PureEV) and when critical volume is reached and suppliers develop the capability, the company will switch to Indian parts. PureEV says that its products use a patented Li-Ion battery. The company is appointing 50 dealers per state in Phase 1 of operations that will sell ETRON+, ETrance, EPluto and the EPluto 7G.

PureEV currently has a 30,000 sq.ft facility inside the IIT Hyderabad campus that has a production capacity of about 2,000 units per month (1,500 scooters and 500 bicycles).

The EPluto 7G is powered by a 2.5 kWh patented Li-Ion battery that offers a range of 120 km in Eco Mode. Powered by a 2 kW BLDC motor, the e-scooter can go from 0 to 40 km/h in 5 seconds and has a top speed of 60 km/h.

Other features include IP65 rated battery, 6-inch digital display, alloy wheels, LED headlamp, anti-theft smart lock and 12-degree gradeability. The EPluto comes equipped with multi riding modes and regenerative braking and is sold in three colours – White, Red and Blue.

Pure EV EPluto 7G Specifications

  • Model – EPluto 7G
  • Wheel – 90/90-10
  • Motor – 1.5 KW nominal and 2 KW Peak BLDC Motor
  • Controller – 60V 40A 18Tube Vector Looped
  • Battery – 2500 Wh Portable
  • Battery Casing – IP65
  • Cells – NMC 18650 3C Ultra Performance
  • BMS – Smart Active Balance 50A
  • Charger Output – CC-CV Portable 67.2V 10A
  • Brake – Disc (F) & Drum (R)
  • Display – 6-inch MF LCD
  • Rim – Cast Alloy
  • Tyres – 10/ 3.5
  • Headlamp – LED
  • Gradeability – 12 degree
  • Storage – Limited Under seat Storage Space
  • Security – Anti-theft Smart Lock