India’s Pravaig Extinction luxury electric car gets 504 km range

Pravaig Extinction, a new electric car from Bengaluru-based Pravaig Dynamics, aims to put India on the global map in the electric car revolution. The new EV has a lot peculiar about it than just the design. It’s set to go on sale next year, but not via showrooms, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Pravaig Extinction design & features

The Pravaig Extinction has a serene design that’s a mix of various body styles. From the looks of it, the body has been designed with a very strong focus on aerodynamics. Apart from angry-eye headlamps that might remind you of the VW Scirocco or the Mk8 VW Golf a little, there’s barely anything aggressive about it. The long bonnet at the front, the flush door handles and sleek greenhouse on the sides and the fastback styling at the rear lend an unusual yet quite sporty character to Pravaig EV. Look closely at the tail section and you’ll see hints of even muscle cars. That sums up the exterior in brief.

Pravaig Extinction side prototype

The interior of the Pravaig Extinction will be more interesting, and undoubtedly an even bigger talking point. Customers will be able to get a bespoke interior by benefitting from the company’s tie-ups with architects, fashion designers and interior designers.

The plan is to offer an option for a three-seat layout, something we’ve already seen in the Volvo XC90 Excellence Lounge. Customers specifying their car with this option will be basically checking off the front passenger seat to get extended legroom for a relaxed posture. An indirect benefit would be achieving a full forward vision as well.

Ram Divedi, Pravaig Dynamics’ shareholder and advisor, told that the company is working on getting the lie-flat seating of the Pravaig Extinction homologated, by balancing its hip, ankle point, etc. He also revealed that it will be possible to recline the left-side rear passenger seat to around 165 degrees.

High-end features like autonomous driving technologies (if allowed by the government), swappable battery pack, HEPA air filtration and eight airbags also are expected to be offered in this electric car.

Pravaig Extinction Specifications

Whether the Pravaig Extinction sits on an existing platform licensed from another company or a newly developed platform isn’t known at the moment. What we do know is that it uses a steel space frame and that it’s rear-wheel driven. According to Divedi, the car in the pictures is a level-6 prototype; there will be more three more prototype stages before reaching production. Anywhere in the next three prototype stages, two rear doors will be added.

Powering the so-called ‘India’s own Tesla’ will be a 150 kW (203.94 PS) motor getting juice from a 96 kWh battery pack. The battery pack will be assembled by the company here and is claimed to return a range of 504 km. The top speed will be 196 km/h.

AspectPravaig Extinction Specification*
Length4,820 mm
Width1,934 mm
Height1,448 mm
Wheelbase3,038 mm
Battery Pack Capacity96 kWh
Motor Max. Power150 kW (203.94 PS)
Range504 km
0-100 km/h Acceleration Time5.4 seconds
Top Speed196 km/h
*Expected Specification

Pravaig Extinction Launch date

Pravaig Dynamics plans to unveil the Pravaig Extinction electric sedan this Diwali and launch it in 2021. The company has set an annual sales target of 250 units, with sales first beginning in Delhi and Bengaluru and then expanding to Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune among other cities. There won’t be a typical sales and service outlet business plan with the company operating via a leasing model where the user pays according to the usage. 2,500 units are planned for deliveries in the first year.

Pravaig Extinction Price

The Pravaig Extinction will be available only on a lease, and its pricing isn’t out yet. Sadly, the target market, at least initially, is going to be only corporate customers, like fleet operators and hotels, for instance. You won’t find a showroom to purchase the product and the company itself will reach out to potential customers and offer this electric car. Chauffeur service will also be available as part of the lease agreement if required.