Mahindra’s Pininfarina Battista to come with 5-year 180 kW fast-charging

Automobili Pininfarina has collaborated with ChargePoint to provide complimentary charging to Pininfarina Battista customers. The company will offer them five years of unlimited public charging for free at ChargePoint.

ChargePoint has EV chargers offering charging at a peak power of up to 500 kW – that’s DC Ultra-Fast level. The Pininfarina Battista’s peak charging power is 180 kW. Charging its 120 kWh battery pack from 20% to 80% using a 180 kW DC charger takes just 25 minutes.

Automobili Pininfarina has partnered with Green Motion, a Swiss EV infrastructure company, to supply the Pininfarina Battista’s wall box charger. The company will offer an in-house designed 22 kW* AC wall box charger called ‘Residenza’ (meaning residence in Italian) inspired by the car’s design theme and featuring a painted cover in the car’s body colour.

*7.2 kW in North America

Mahindra’s Pininfarina Battista more exclusive than anticipated

Development of the Pininfarina Battista electric supercar has started moving post the COVID-19 shutdown. In August, Automobili Pininfarina had shared a picture (below) of a prototype via and said that the final chassis setup and software work is going on right now. The company was just weeks away from beginning on-road testing of the pure electric hypercar which will begin shipping to customers in early 2021.

Pininfarina Battista prototype
Automobili Pininfarina will manufacture only around 100 units of the Pininfarina Battista.

When Mahindra & Mahindra’s Automobili Pininfarina (APF) unveiled the Pininfarina Battista in concept form in August 2018, it had said that no more than 150 cars will be built. In August this year, we learnt that the actual production count could be lower, meaning more exclusivity than originally anticipated.

Speaking to analysts in Mahindra & Mahindra’s Q1 FY2021 results conference call, Anish Shah, Deputy Managing Director & Group CFO, Mahindra Group, shed some light on the production figures of the Pininfarina Battista. Below is what he said:

The Battista is a high-end, low-volume car. We’re essentially going to make somewhere between 75 and 125 units.

Anish Shah, Deputy Managing Director & Group CFO, Mahindra Group

In the same conference call, Dr. Pawan Goenka, MD & CEO, Mahindra & Mahindra, talked about the Pininfarina Battista’s production. He revealed that the launch had been postponed.

Pininfarina (APF) was set to launch a high-end electric vehicle but it has been delayed a bit to end of FY-21 due to Covid. We are a key player in the EV space and we are trying to cater to both ends of the market – at the lower end with Mahindra Electric and on the top end with APF.

Dr. Pawan Goenka, MD & CEO, Mahindra & Mahindra

Dr. Goenka also revealed the location where the Pininfarina Battista will be manufactured:

Pininfarina had an unused plant, which where they’re making the Battista. In fact, the first prototype was just made about 10 days ago and my regret is that we are not able to travel to Italy to see that prototype.

On the Pininfarina Battista & Pininfarina Battista Anniversario

The Mahindra Group-owned Automobili Pininfarina unveiled the ultra-exclusive Battista Anniversario electric hyper GT, priced at 2.6 million Euros (Rs 21.09 crore) in early March. The Battista Anniversario has been built to celebrate 90 years of Pininfarina and only 5 copies of the car will be built.

Underpinned by the same carbon fibre monocoque chassis and body of the ‘regular’ Pininfarina Battista unveiled exactly a year earlier, the Anniversario generates an identical 1,900 hp and 2,300 Nm of torque produced by four electric motors making the car go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds and to 300 km/h in less than 12 seconds. The hyper electric GT can deliver a range of over 500 km with its 120 kWh battery pack that is mounted within the T-shaped carbon frame low down in the chassis.

Pininfarina Battista Anniversario gets the ‘Furiosa’ package that offers a revised carbon fibre front splitter, side blades and rear diffuser, which can now be opted by the regular Battista customers. In the Anniversario these body parts come in a special two-tone exposed signature carbon and carbon tinted in Iconica Blu with pinstripes in Bianco Sestriere. Apart from the exclusive livery, the Anniversario also gets a bespoke rear wing, rear aero fins, centre-lock forged aluminium wheels and other such bespoke details.

For 90 years, the Pininfarina name has been at the forefront of automotive design and performance, and the Battista perfectly encapsulates these values. This ultimate expression of Battista, the Anniversario, is the distillation of everything that the brand has stood for in the past and which we now strive for in the future, creating a new pinnacle of desirability for electric cars.

Michael Perschke, the then-CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, speaking at the launch.

Inside, the bespoke theme continues with unique sport seats in black leather and black Alcantara, an engraved chassis plate, headlight engraving, ‘Anniversario’ scripted on the side wings, black anodized dedication door plaques, signature ‘Pininfarina 90’ logos, and a specially engraved chassis plate between the seats.

Battista Anniversario features one of the most complex paint finishes in the world. The process of creating such a finish is akin to a great artist completing an Old Master painting. The result is more than just a visual work of art. Styling, balanced with ultimate performance, produces a genuine Pininfarina: the beauty of power and the power of beauty.

Luca Borgogno, Chief Design Officer, Automobili Pininfarina.

The 5 units of Pininfarina Battista Anniverario will be a part of the limited-production consignment the Pininfarina Battista hypercars.

What is the Pininfarina Battista range?

The Pininfarina Battista range is over 500 km/310 miles (WLTP).

What is the Pininfarina Battista top speed?

The Pininfarina Battista top speed is 350 km/h or 217 mph.