Everything we know on the new Opel Manta-e crossover in July 2021

Opel has announced that it will be bringing an all-new fully electric vehicle that will wear the Manta nameplate around 2025. To be named Opel Manta-e, this new electric vehicle revives the Manta brand from the yesteryears. At the Stellantis EV Day 2021 on July 8, Opel’s CEO Michael Lohscheller said that the company would be launching the Opel Manta-e by mid-decade of the 2020s.

Opel EV Day 2021
Opel’s CEO Michael Lohscheller said that the company will be launching the Opel Manta-e by mid-decade of 2020s at EV Day 2021. Image courtesy: Youtube channel of Opel.

Opel Manta-e production plans

According to Lohscheller, Opel will be bringing the Manta-e by mid-decade, which will play an important role in Opel’s pure electrification plans in Europe by 2028. Opel is going the pure-electric way in the Chinese auto market, with the company eyeing the European car markets with the same strategy.

‘Green is the new cool’ – Opel will re-invent the Manta-e by mid-decade, and bring a very emotional car to the market, which will excite our customers.

Michael Lohscheller, CEO, Opel, at Stellantis EV Day 2021
Opel electrification strategy
Opel will be an all-electric range by 2028, including the production model of the Manta-e. Image courtesy: Youtube channel of Opel.


Unlike the one-off Manta GSe ElektroMOD and the Manta from yesteryears which are two-door coupes, the reborn Opel Manta-e will be a five-door crossover. According to the teaser unveiled at EV Day 2021 by Stellantis (parent company of Opel), the new Opel Manta-e might have a radical design with a sharp coupe-like roofline and flared wheel arches, with a curved design for bonnet and boot lid.

Opel has mentioned at the bottom of the teaser that the illustration is not representative of production intent. The final design might have extensive changes to make it practical and simpler to produce. No other details have been disclosed by Opel, including its interior and powertrain options. We expect Opel to present the Manta-e concept at a motor show or a company event in 2022.


While Opel hasn’t said anything about the powertrain or platform, it would be based on one of the four EV platforms, all of which were announced by Stellantis this year. These four platforms are STLA Small (driving range of 300 miles), STLA Frame (driving range of 500 miles), STLA Medium (driving range of 440 miles), and STLA Large (driving range of 500 miles). These platforms are quite flexible to accommodate varying dimensions and component sharing while offering all types of drivetrains – front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel, and 4xe (four-wheel) layout.

Electrification plans of Opel

Apart from the long-term vision of 100 per cent pure electric cars, Opel is targeting to make its entire portfolio electrified by 2024, under its plan of ‘journeying from cold to cool’. For the achievement of this plan, Opel has already electrified nine models, including its entire light commercial vehicle lineup as well as passenger vehicles like Mokka-e and Corsa-e, and the upcoming Astra. The lineup will also see the inclusion of a fuel cell-powered Vivaro Fleet vehicle.

Opel electrification plan
Apart from taking the 100 per cent pure electric pathway, Opel is targeting to make its entire portfolio electrified by 2024 with hybrids. Image courtesy: Youtube channel of Opel.

Opel Manta-e FAQs

What is the Opel Manta-e?

The Manta-e will be a four-door all-electric crossover SUV, completely different from the Manta coupe of the past.

When will be the Opel Manta-e launch?

The new Manta-e will be introduced by the mid-decade riding on an STLA platform.

What will be the key rivals of Opel Manta-e?

The Opel Manta-e will supposedly take on the likes of the Ford Mustang Mach-e & VW ID.4.

Featured image: Opel