Okinawa Ridge gets easy theft protection, SOS alert and more new features

The Okinawa Ridge and Okinawa Praise electric scooters have become more attractive now, thanks to a new connected vehicle app. Called ‘Eco App’, the new mobile application makes the ownership of two Okinawa electric scooters, namely iPraise+ and Ridge+ more secure and convenient.

The Eco App mobile application allows seeing the live location of the Okinawa iPraise+ and Okinawa Ridge+ via Google Maps. This feature can help the owner keep track of their Okinawa electric scooter when they have lent it to someone else, like children, for instance. That’s not the only benefit, as it can also make finding the vehicle in a parking easier.

Eco App makes the Okinawa electric scooters that support it also more secure. Using this mobile application, an owner can immobilise the vehicle in case of theft with just a single click. Then there’s a Secure Park feature to track the vehicle and see to it that nobody moves it from the parked position. Careless unauthorised moving of vehicles at parking spaces often leads to damages, but with the Eco App, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Okinawa says that Eco App also enhances the safety of its customers in distress situations. It is equipped with SOS Messaging, a feature that automatically texts emergency help message with the time and location to the emergency contacts preset by the user.

Okinawa Ridge+ plus
Eco App is available on both App Store and Play Store.

Geofencing and alerts for speeding, towing, curfew and low battery are also possible with the Eco App. Lastly, there’s also a driver score feature that motivates the rider to ride at a consistent, eco-friendly speed and avoid harsh acceleration and turns by sharing the details of his/her driving pattern.

For now, only the Okinawa iPraise+ and the Okinawa Ridge+ support Eco App. Whether more Okinawa electric scooters will join the list isn’t known yet. The mobile application is available on both main smartphone application stores, Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.