Okinawa Cruiser electric maxi scooter to launch around August 2020

Okinawa unveiled the prototype of its first electric maxi-scooter, the Okinawa Cruiser, which is the first of its kind India at the Auto Expo 2020. Okinawa’s PraisePro and Ridge+ also were in attendance at the expo.

Jeetender Sharma, the founder & Managing Director of Okinawa Scooters told EVW that the company is planning to launch the Cruiser in the second quarter of the next financial year (July-September 2020) and that it would be manufactured at the same facility in Rajasthan.

The Cruiser gets a 4 kWh Lithium-ion, detachable battery that can be charged completely in 2-3 hrs, and returns a range of 120 km in a single charge. The maxi e-scooter, with a hub-mounted motor, gets a top speed of 100 km/h, making it one of the fastest e-scooters in the country. It has a loading capacity of 150 kg.

Features on the Okinawa Cruiser include 14-inch aluminium alloy wheels, LED headlight & taillight, semi-digital instrument console, keyless start, anti-theft alarm, USB charging outlet, reverse assistance and a mobile app with a ‘Find my scooter’ function. The Cruiser is expected to become Okinawa’s most expensive vehicle.

Okinawa team has been putting all the efforts to fuel the Electric Vehicle revolution in India. This Auto Expo 2020 provided us with the perfect stage to unveil the stunning creations that are the result of Okinawa’s tech genetics. Okinawa has always believed that the key to innovation is in identifying the requirements of our users. Keeping this in mind, Okinawa has launched its products with unique features and eye-catching designs that would serve the purpose for users of any age. The electric vehicle industry is still very nascent in India and there are many speculations and myths associated with the performance of EVs when compared with petrol run vehicles. Each product by Okinawa is determined to breaking these myths and proving the equal efficiency of EVs to users.

Jeetender Sharma, Managing Director & Founder, Okinawa
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