Is EF9 the big surprise waiting at Nio Day 2021?

As per the website of the China National Intellectual Property Administration, electric carmaker Nio has registered the trademark for ‘EF9.’ While there is no information about the bodystyle of the Nio EF9 and a registration certificate is not substantiation of intended usage in an upcoming model, ElectricVehicleWeb takes a calculated guess that it could be Nio’s long-rumored sports car, which could see its unveil at the Nio Day 2021.

Nio ET7 front quarters unveiled at Nio Day
Nio Day 2020, which was held in January this year saw the unveil of the Nio ET7. Image: Nio.

Electric car enthusiasts are well aware of the Nio Day annual event, which garners similar levels of excitement as Tesla’s Battery Day events. The Nio Day 2020 event was pushed to this year (held in January 2021) where the Nio ET7 was unveiled. While there is no announcement from the company, expect Nio Day 2021 to be scheduled within Q1 2022. What Nio has confirmed, however, is that the next launch from the company is another sedan.

As per Nio’s naming strategy, the ETs are reserved for sedans, ESs for SUVs and ECs for coupe/coupe SUVs, whereas the numbers indicate the hierarchy of the model within the range. Hence, the ‘9’ in the Nio EF9 certainly highlights high-end tech and performance for the forthcoming model, which and could have the Tesla Roadster‘s performance figures as a benchmark.

The Nio EF9 could sport the ultra-high density solid state battery cells, which incidentally was announced at the Nio Day 2020 this year. These cells promise a density of upto 360 Wh/kg, and were confirmed to reach customers by fourth quarter of 2022. Existing Nio users can swap their battery packs with a 150 kWh solid state cell, which brings with it range improvements up to 910 km on the EC6, and 1,000 km on the recently unveiled ET7 (which will initially retail with 70 kWh or 100 kWh battery packs.

Nio 150kWh solid state battery
Nio Day 2021 is expected to throw more light on the 150 kWh solid state battery cell, especially, if the manufacturing will be from Solid State Lion. Image: Nio.

These solid state cells boast of new technologies including Nickel-Ultrarich Cathode and Silicon Carbide (SiC) Composite Anode. Interestingly, reports speculate that these high-end batteries will not be made by established player CATL, rather a new company called Solid State Lion will be manufacturing them. Similar to the EF9, there is little information available on Solid State Lion, other than the fact that it is connected to the Institute of Physics at the Chinese Academy of Science.

We will closely follow the Nio EF9, but suffice to say that the anticipation for Nio Day 2021 has commenced.