Next-gen Skoda Superb will have “everything and more,” says Bernhard Maier [Update]

Bernhard Maier, the former Chairman of the Board of Management of Skoda Auto spoke to ElectricVehicleWeb at the unveiling of the Skoda Vision IN concept in New Delhi on February 3, 2020. He said not only had he driven the first prototype of the next generation Skoda Superb, he is confident that the package would exceed what the fully-loaded Octavia offers.

The new Superb will have everything you can think about, and even more than that. It will be an awesome car. I have already not only seen the package, but already drove the very first ‘idea’ of what it would look like, I am not anxious about that (cannibalization). And the better is always the enemy of the good! So the Octavia and the Superb can fight with each other and within the brand.

He added:

The new Octavia is the icon of our brand, the newborn Octavia is such a big step forward, but I am not afraid that the current and the next-gen Superb will not be able to take up the challenge.

It is safe to expect the next generation Superb with an evolved look, retaining the MQB platform, and getting electrification in the form of an iV plug-in hybrid. The car should be unveiled to the media and public in late 2022.

Skoda has said that by 2025, it will have 10 electrified models in various segments, 6 of which will be all-electric, the others hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The new Superb should download the multi-level dashboard design, HUD, tri-zone climate control, improved digital instrument cluster, DSG with shift-by-wire, along with new driver assistance systems, safety systems (such as the Collision Avoidance Assist, Turn Assist, Exit Warning) and ‘Ergo’ rear seat tech from the new Octavia, besides debuting several firsts for the Skoda brand.

Skoda Superb interior
Expect features like the HUD, tri-zone climate control, shift-by-wire DSG and even the ‘Simply Clever’ features like the smartphone storage docks on the front seat backs to populate the new Superb. Image: Skoda

When we requested Oliver Stefani, Head of Design of Skoda Auto, his comment on the next-gen Superb and whether the sales pressure exerted by crossovers on the sedan would influence the design, he insisted that the limousine will continue with the tried and tested formula:

The limousine and combi are still very important cars in our segment and also in the future. We know that, in Skoda the number of cars sold in the limousine and combi, are going against the trend, and increasing. So, it (the new Superb) will be a good mix of emotionality and functionality to the car. I have no doubt at all that the next Superb will be a really nice car and very successful.

Oliver Stefani, Head of Design of Skoda Auto, on the next-gen Superb

Next-gen Skoda Superb manufacturing

The manufacture of the next-generation Superb is moving from Kvasiny to Bratislava in 2023, Skoda confirmed last November. With more customers preferring SUVs over traditional cars like sedans and estates/station wagons, demand for the VW Passat is dipping in most markets. In the U.S., for instance, the model is being discontinued permanently at the end of the current generation. In Europe, the new strategy to continue selling it is getting Skoda to develop and manufacture it at a lower cost and reportedly offering only its estate variant, ironically called Passat Variant, in the next generation.

2019 Skoda Superb facelift front three quarter
The next-gen Superb could debut in the second quarter of 2023 (March-June). In Germany, it could cost around €30,000 in the base configuration and go on sale that summer. Image: Skoda Auto

Originally, Skoda was to make its next-gen Superb and Volkswagen’s next-gen Passat in Kvasiny, Czech Republic. The new plan is that Volkswagen will conduct the manufacturing of the two sedans at its Bratislava plant in Slovakia. With Skoda’s Citigo, Volkswagen’s Up!, and Seat’s Mii made at this facility, the site offers one of the lowest production costs among the three plants. Skoda will use the freed up space at the Kvasiny plant to manufacture SUVs and other models like the next-gen Fabia Combi.

We are developing the next generations of the Superb and Volkswagen Passat in Mladá Boleslav and will be building them at the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava from 2023. This will free up capacity for more than 150,000 Skoda vehicles at our Czech plant in Kvasiny. We will be using this for additional volumes of our popular SUV models and for the successor to the Fabia Combi.

Thomas Schafer, CEO, Skoda

2023 Skoda Superb FAQs

What is the next-gen Skoda Superb release date?

The next-gen Skoda Superb could go on sale in summer 2023.

What will be next-gen Skoda Superb price?

The base next-gen Skoda Superb may cost around €30,000 in Germany.

Which cars will the 2023 Skoda Superb compete with?

The 2023 Skoda Superb will compete with the likes of 2023 VW Passat and Peugeot 508.

Featured image: Skoda Auto