Citroen C5X could gain a bigger battery, but not an EV [Update]

As a Euro-focused and aerodynamic SUV-coupe, the Citroen C5X has the appearance of a modern electric vehicle. While a Citroen C5X Electric or e-C5X was not announced at the unveil in April, the media was curious if a confidential plan does exist.

Speaking to Auto Express in April 2021, Vincent Cobee, CEO, Citroen, said: “Full electric (C5X) is in our minds, but not in our plans,” putting speculations to rest. With Stellantis targeting a pure electric powertrain in more than 75% of models in Europe by 2025, high-volume cars like the C5X should have the chance of receiving a zero-emission powertrain option in the coming years, but that does not seem to be the case in the current generation. Citing Cobee, Auto Express magazine also reported that a larger battery variant for the C5X PHEV is possible, but not an EV.


Citroen C5X at a glance

The Citroen C5X is a D-Segment car that combines the “elegance of a saloon, the dynamism of a station wagon and the elevated stance of an SUV.” Here are the main points of Citroen’s new flagship car that has a fastback body shape:

  • Design inspired by the CXperience Concept; V-shaped light signatures and LED headlamps help immediately identify the car.
  • Citroën Advanced Comfort programme that has the active suspension, Progressive Hydraulic Cushions and Advanced Comfort seats.
  • Extended Head up Display, L2 semi-autonomous driving (Highway Driver Assist) and new 12-inch HD touchscreen infotainment system (featuring customizable widgets and Mirror Screen) with natural vocal recognition.
  • 4 USB Type C sockets and wireless smartphone charging.
  • Long range blind spot detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Top 360 Vision and Proximity hands-free access and start.
  • “Unparalleled” second row comfort and roominess and “360-degree glass” area.
  • Acoustic laminated front and rear windows.
  • 545L boot volume (expandable to 1,640L) with low loading sill and wide boot opening with hands-free function.
  • 19-inch tires
  • Comes in petrol and plug-in hybrid guises, targeting large car and SUV segment buyers.
    225 hp output in plug-in hybrid with 50 km EV range that can be used with a 135 km/h top speed. The engine is said to be a 1.6L unit.
Citroen C5X SpecificationValue
Length4805 mm
Width1865 mm
Height1485 mm
Wheelbase2785 mm
Boot space545 litres
Release Date (Global)H2 2021
Detailed specifications yet to be released.


As expected, the Citroen C5X takes the form of an SUV coupe, and to an extent, a bigger version of the latest Citroen C4. Right away, Citroen fans would see hints of the 4.85m Citroen Cxperience concept in the C5X’s radical design.

Linda Jackson, who was made the CEO of Peugeot and a member of Stellantis’ Top Executive Team in January this year, had suggested that the Citroen C5 successor was not going to be a traditional sedan. “What it won’t be is a new C5,” Jackson had told in 2018. PSA planned this model with an offbeat design that becomes a talking point above everything else.

In an interview with, Citroen Design Director Pierre Leclercq briefly talked about the design of the C5X. He said that the SUV coupe’s “front architecture has a tension and dynamism,” and that’s an attractive combination. The rear-end also “has a great shape,” he added.

At the front, the Citroen C5 successor features a high-set, horizontal bonnet with a pair of crease lines on the sides, split headlamps, and X-shaped grille bars that stretch all the way out to become the edges of the headlamps. Overall, it’s a very striking, vigorous appearance at the front.

On the sides, the beltline remains straight for the most part, allowing a large – but still sleek – greenhouse. The roofline slopes down gently, and it is mainly from behind the C-pillar that we start seeing that coupe inspiration. The windscreen aggressively slopes at the rear, giving a sporty and aerodynamic styling, and the spoiler on the tailgate adds to the attributes. The dual light guides in the horizontally split combination lamps communicate the technical and sophisticated styling as the dual-LED DRLs in the headlamp.

Citroen C5X rear three quarters
The Citroen C5X is like a bigger, more sophisticated alternative to the new Citroen C4. Image Source: Citroen


The interior of the Citroen C5X has an elegant design with an uncluttered dashboard in a premium design – nothing extraordinary, but elegant and stylish all the same. Slim climate control panel, wide, 12-inch touchscreen, virtual instrument cluster, compact steering, and wood trim are other visual highlights. The C5X borrows elements from the 19_19 Concept like a large-scale, full-colour head-up display and natural voice recognition. The C5X features Level 2 autonomous driving capability as well.

Quarter glass windows and a large glass sunroof ensure that there’s plenty of natural light in the cabin to keep the occupants fresh. Citroen’s emphasis on seating comfort is unmissable, and it says that the C5X’s Advanced Comfort seats are the benchmark in this aspect.

Citroen says that the mid-size SUV-coupe offers “outstanding rear-seat space.” Leclercq also laid stress on the rear-seat space while speaking to, saying it’s “amazing.” China is one of the main markets for the C5X worldwide, and there, rear-seat space is “very important.” 545 litres of load space is available, and on folding down the rear seats, it can be increased to up to 1,640 litres.

Citroen C5X interior
Citroen says the roominess of the C5X is enhanced by the 360-degree glass areas, including quarter windows, and a large glass sunroof that allows ample light to enter. Image: Citroen

Citroen C5X Plug-in hybrid

The Citroen C5X rides on the same platform as the Peugeot 508 and the DS 9 – EMP2. A plug-in hybrid variant is included in the range right from the debut.

Detailed specs have not been released, but we have the outline. The C5X plug-in hybrid employs an electrified engine with 225 hp of combined power, and its battery pack allows driving solely on electric power at up to 135 km/h and for more than 50 km. It is speculated that the primary power source is a 1.6L engine.


Series production of the Citroen C5X began at the Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen plant in Chengdu (Sichuan Province) in China on 6 June 2021. This is the sole production site for the C5X worldwide, and Europe and the UK get the units from China. However, in the era when even BMWs (iX3) and Volvos (S90) arrive in European ports from Chinese production bases, quality should not be a concern for Citroen. Cobee said in an interview with Bloomberg Television that “manufacturing quality in China is one of best in world,” Bloomberg reported on 12 April 2021.

Sales of the Citroen C5X in Europe are scheduled to commence in 2021, and for the UK specifically, late 2021 is the official release date. Cobee has told Auto Express that the C5X launch wouldn’t be affected by the ongoing global semi-conductor shortage.

Featured Image Source: Citroen