What do you make of this modified Tata Nexon EV from Coimbatore?

Coimbatore-based car customisation shop KitUp Automotive that has made news over the last 8 years for desirable body kits, has revealed its modified Tata Nexon EV. Changes don’t seem excessive but EVW recommends that one refers local laws before modifying a vehicle.

People considering to buy the Tata Nexon EV accessories have not many options either at dealers or the aftermarket due to the newness of the model, the fact that it is electric and the lockdown that paused business at the supplier circuit. However, in the meantime, one can go for minor alterations like those on this modified Tata Nexon EV KitUp Automotive has come up with.

The modified Tata Nexon EV has changes in the colour-coding of the exterior parts. At the front, the Electric Blue accents around the fog lamps and the Tri-Arrow pattern’s Electric Blue highlights have been removed. The full-width black cladding on the bumper for its protection has been painted in a similar teal blue colour, though.

On the sides, the teal blue colour application continues on the fenders and the rocker panels. The design studio has given the contrasting colour to the brake callipers and applied the same as an accent on the wheels. At the rear, in the same way as at the front, the factory-fitted Electric Blue accents on the bumper have been removed. Instead, a similar teal blue colour has been painted on the whole black portion of the bumper.

Lastly, KitUp Automotive has given the fog lamp housings at the front a gloss black finish. As for the interior of this modified Tata Nexon EV, there‚Äôs one change, and it’s a custom audio system. Prices of the Tata Nexon EV start at INR 13.99 lakh (ex-showroom), but Tata Nexon EV subscription plans make the car available without a big down payment.

Image Source: facebook.com