MG ZS EV could get ‘Medklinn Autoplus’ in India to fight COVID-19

MG Motor India is exploring to install cabin sterilisation technology in the Hector and the ZS EV cars and using technology from its Singapore-based partner Medklinn, it said in a release today.

MG Motor is evaluating Cerafusion, Medklinn’s patented cabin sterilisation technology that enables complete sterilisation and disinfection of the cars’ cabin. The sterilisation technology uses active oxygen to disinfect pollutants, allergens and microbial organisms naturally, without using any chemicals. Cerafusion not only cleans the air within the cabin by eradicating viruses, mould, bacteria and yeast, it also disinfects various surfaces.

Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India has said that the brand will continue to provide customers with safer in-car environment and is proactively looking to install the HVAC system-based cabin sterilisation and disinfection technology. Medklinn’s CEO, Peter Tham has said that most of the pollutants often spreads to other surfaces inside the car’s cabin and the patented Cerafusion technology is the most uniquely equipped solution to resolve the issue of contamination.

MG did not provide details on the specific product that is under consideration, but it could be the Medklinn Autoplus Air+Surface sterlizer which plugs into the power outlet or USB socket and circulates Active Oxygen which the company claims takes out 99.9% of all allergens, bad smells, bacteria, viruses, mould and any other toxic substances in the air and on the surfaces. The cartridge does not need cleaning, just replacement once a year. With this device, Medklinn says the occupants of the car can ‘break free’ from bad smells, sinus allergies and cross infections. The two videos in this story from Medklinn Malaysia’s Youtube account throw light on the product features. The product costs INR 10,472 on the company’s Singaporean website.

The other option is that the company integrates the Cerafusion technology into the HVAC system of the ZS and Hector and the cartridges get replaced during scheduled service. This is a longer route as the company would have to redesign the HVAC system that could eat up crucial time and resources.

MG has recently launched “Disinfect and Deliver” initiative that makes sure the cars that are delivered to customers and used for test drives are completely sanitised before handing to customers. The company has also trained its dealer staff to take all necessary steps to ensure sanitation. MG Motor India has also made its sales process completely digital and customers can book cars and get them door delivered.