MG Vision-i (Roewe Vision i) Concept shown at Auto Expo [Video]

MG Motor India has taken the covers off the Vision-i concept at the Auto Expo that has been presented to showcase the technological capability of the company. Note that the Vision-i is not MG’s own concept – it is borrowed from group brand Roewe which unveiled this futuristic vehicle last year at the Auto Shanghai.

The Vision-i features the world’s first 5G smart cockpit that is built for the 5G era, and surprisingly has no screens. The car is spacious and combines the strengths of an SUV and an MPV with a very aerodynamic profile. The SPV (defined by Roewe as a Smart Proactive Vehicle) has a squared and short front overhang while the rear section is that of an SUV. The fascia is complete with staggered LED light strips and decorative elements. One can also notice lights on the wheel rims and illumination at the rear. It features sliding doors for easy ingress and egress.

The crux of the concept is its interior – the Vision-i features large and generously bolstered seats that swivel to let occupants sit facing each other. The car has Level 4 autonomous tech and has no screens. Users can enjoy a selection of travel modes including, driving, sleeping, meeting and education. The passengers can enjoy their news, a movie or chat as the vehicle takes care of the driving.

The Roewe Vision-i concept comes with SKY VISION full-cabin intelligent interactive system. The Vision-i is truly a lounge on wheels.