Sub-10 lakh electric car is the “next logical move”: MG Motor’s Gaurav Gupta

Even before its entry into the segment, Morris Garages India confirmed that it does not plan on stopping with the ZS to achieve its EV ambitions. The company will introduce an affordable electric vehicle in the country within a few years and hopes to get the leadership position in India’s electric vehicle market segment.

Talking to, MG Motor’s Chief Commercial Officer, Gaurav Gupta provided some guidance on the project. He said MG Motor is currently determining the demand for electric vehicle and electric vehicle battery manufacturing in India.

“A cost-efficient EV, especially in the sub-INR 10 lakh bracket, is the next logical move. However, relevant decisions will be made at a later stage after reviewing the market demand,” he told the website, in light of the Coronavirus outbreak that reduced sales to 0 units in April.

Gupta told EVW at the Auto Expo that even current electric vehicles from the SAIC portfolio could be launched in the country. These include the Baojun E200 and the Baojun E300 electric cars, the later being the group’s latest and most advanced electric car that goes on sale in China in a few days. MG could either bring down a right-hand drive version of an electric car or design a new top hat on a platform taking all Indian considerations to achieve an aggressive price.

The company started its EV journey in India assembling the ZS EV last year which was launched in India in early 2020 receiving over 2400 bookings from the limited cities it was released in. It has partnered with Fortum to install 50 KW CCS/CHAdeMO DC fast Public Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles across MG’s showrooms in Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. It has joined hands with Delta Electronics India to install AC chargers in private vehicle parking locations such as homes and offices, enabling its customers to charge EVs at their convenience.

The next step would be to setup a battery assembly plant. The investment into the battery assembly unit would be over and above the INR 5,000 crore the company has already committed to invest in India by 2025. The assembly plant would bring down the cost of the vehicle considerably as the battery is the single most expensive component of an electric vehicle.

Baojun E100
The Baojun E100, we learn, is not the affordable MG electric car that is lined up for India. The E100 was brought to India to clock test miles and gather performance data in Indian conditions.

Parent company SAIC has a wide range of electric vehicles on sale in China from the shoe-size Baojun E100 to cars, SUVs and vans from Roewe, MG and LDV brands, some of which were presented at the Auto Expo. However we believe the affordable vehicle the company has in mind for India would be picked from the next generation family with rear doors, a must-have feature for a vehicle to succeed in India.

The Baojun E100 was spotted testing around the MG manufacturing plant in Gujarat to gather data. MG had also displayed the pure electric Roewe eRX5 at the MOVE Summit in New Delhi in 2018, and also presented the MG E200 at the Auto Expo which it said was in consideration for the Indian market.

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