Mercedes EQE (Tesla Model S rival) to be Daimler’s sportiest sedan ever [Update]

Update: has obtained information about the Mercedes EQE variants. Read the “positioning” section to get the new update.

With its fluidic design and athletic stance, the EQE is set to become the sportiest sedan to emerge from the gates of Stuttgart. The E-Class and other four doors from the past or present are no match to the sleek design of the EQE.

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Mercedes-Benz is reaching for world domination with its EQ brand for electric vehicles. The EQC and EQV are on sale, the EQA & EQB on the wings, and now the Stuttgart-based company is working on the Mercedes EQS and Mercedes EQE sedans and their SUV equivalents to challenge Tesla and Audi who seem to have sized-up the EV market. Here’s everything you need to know about the Mercedes EQE sedan.

Mercedes EQE Design

The Mercedes EQS sedan will be the EQ brand’s flagship product and the electric counterpart of the S-Class. The EQE on the other hand is the more interesting car, due to its size and price, and the electric equivalent to the E-Class looks sportier and perhaps is more exciting to drive.

The EQE has a coupe-like four-door body and short overhangs. It sports fake dual exhausts, and the significant difference compared to the EQS, apart from the body size and shape, is the placement of the third brake light. While the EQS has it on the boot lid, it rests below the rear window in the EQE.

The design is highly optimised for aerodynamics, and the front-end is expected to be ‘glossy’ and smooth as the EQC. The Mercedes EQE has a long bonnet and a roofline designed like a coupe with a steeply raked windshield. The car has its wheels pushed to the extreme ends to generate remarkable interior space, as per reports.

The EQE is expected to feature a flat floor, and though the footprint may be smaller than the E-Class, space levels are as much as an S-Class, reports Autocar. Like the EQS, the battery would be set flat on the floor, giving it a very high level of passenger room and flexibility for luggage.

Mercedes EQE specifications

The Mercedes EQE sedan would sit on Daimler’s new EVA platform (Electric Vehicle Architecture), an all-new modular platform developed exclusively for large electric cars. Debuting in the Mercedes EQS sedan in the coming months, EVA is a skateboard architecture that would allow Mercedes-Benz to make EVs offering “exceptionally quiet ride”, up to 500 kW or 680 PS of system power and more than 700 km of WLTP range. The Mercedes EQE sedan will likely be the smallest model built on the EVA platform.

Mercedes EVA platform details
The Mercedes EQE sedan would be the most affordable model based on the EVA platform. reports that the EQE would generate in excess of 402 hp (408 PS) and 564 lb ft (765 Nm) of the EQC and to make it cheaper and accessible to a wider audience, a rear-wheel drive variant is under consideration. Features expected on the EQE include four-wheel steering, active air suspension and Level 3 autonomous driving. The Mercedes EQE sedan should be able to return a range of at least over 600 km (WLTP).


The Mercedes EQE sedan would slot below the Mercedes EQS sedan as a feature-rich and technically advanced alternative to the Mercedes E-Class. The next-gen Mercedes E-Class may arrive a year after the Mercedes EQE sedan, in 2023, and the Mercedes EQE would command a premium over the E-Class.

Daimler has filed trademark applications for the names EQE 250, EQE 43, EQE 53, EQE 55, and EQE 63 in Europe, and this could be for the variants of the Mercedes EQE sedan. The Mercedes EQE 250 could be a base variant. For customers expecting a sportier drive and more performance, the line-up may include a Mercedes-AMG EQE 43, Mercedes-AMG EQE 53, Mercedes-AMG EQE 55 and/or Mercedes-AMG EQE 63.


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The car would be produced at Mercedes-Benz’s Factory 56 in Sindelfingen, Germany, the same site as the new S-Class and the EQS, for the global markets. The Mercedes EQE would be manufactured in China, as well, for domestic sales, through the JV with BAIC. Production there will begin in 2022, with a volume of 70,000 cars per year.

Mercedes EQE sedan FAQs

When is the release of the Mercedes EQE?

The EQE saloon is expected to launch in the second half of calendar year 2022.

What is the expected price of the Mercedes EQE?

We estimate the price to start around the USD 80,000 mark in the USA while much above the GLC’s £66,000 in the UK.

10 all-electric Mercedes EQ models by end of 2022

Mercedes-Benz has lined up the EQA compact electric crossover for debut this quarter. Engineers are out testing the larger Mercedes EQB which should also be unveiled in the first half of this year, and the EQS would follow in the second half, maybe at the Munich Motor Show (IAA 2021). The Mercedes EQV (V-Class electric) was put on sale in May last year. In total, there will be 10 pure-electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz by the end of 2022:

  • Mercedes EQA based on the GLA (Launch in 2021)
  • Mercedes EQB based on the GLB (Launch in 2021)
  • Mercedes EQC (Launched in 2019)
  • Mercedes EQE (Launch in 2022)
  • Mercedes EQE-based SUV (Launch in 2022)
  • Mercedes EQV (Launched in May 2020)
  • Mercedes EQS (Launch in 2021)
  • Mercedes EQS SUV (Launch in 2022)
  • Smart EQ ForTwo (Launched in 2019)
  • Smart EQ ForFour (Launched in 2019)