Tesla India launch update: After Karnataka, Maharashtra invites Tesla

In what’s likely to become an exciting rivalry between Indian states in the coming months, another state has invited Tesla to set shop for the Tesla India launch. Following Karnataka last month, Maharashtra is holding talks with Tesla to set up its facilities in the state this month.

Aaditya Thackeray, the Cabinet Minister of Tourism and Environment, Maharashtra has tweeted that he and Subhash Desai, Minister for Industries & Mining, Maharashtra, invited Tesla to Maharashtra in a video call yesterday (22 October 2020). Tesla, the world’s most valued automaker with a market cap of over $400 billion, has confirmed that the Tesla in India is finally happening in 2021. More states could roll out the red carpet for the company with the intention of building an EV hub there and putting the state on the world map as one of the very few places producing the most advanced global electric cars.

Whether Tesla plans to establish a CKD/SKD assembly facility or a full-scale manufacturing site in India isn’t known yet, but either would provide the much-needed stimulus to India’s EV drive. On 2 October 2020, Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO, Tesla, revealed the new Tesla India launch plan by simply tweeting “next year for sure.”

The first Tesla launch in India is likely to be the Tesla Model 3, which is the company’s most affordable car in production right now. The company had taken some Tesla Model 3 bookings in India in 2016, but it was unable to fulfil orders as the Tesla India launch had to be cancelled at that time. Model 3 deliveries could be the first step in the Tesla Indian chapter.

In the US, the base Tesla Model 3 price is $37,990, which converts to INR 27.98 lakh. The ex-factory cost would probably be a little lower, and factoring in the various punitive taxes and tariffs to curtail imports in India, it’s logical to expect an ex-showroom price tag of in the INR 50 lakh range.

Tesla manufactures the Model 3 in USA and China. It may import full or semi knocked-down kits and assemble them at its Indian plant, which could become a proper manufacturing site once the $25,000 Tesla is ready in two-three years. The sub-INR 20 lakh Tesla car, possibly Tesla Model 2, could become a Tesla that is manufactured in India.

Tesla India FAQ

When will the Tesla India launch happen?

Tesla India launch will take place in 2021, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed, with the configurator going live around January.

Where would the Tesla India Gigafactory be located?

Tesla has not yet announced plans to manufacture in India. The Tesla India Gigafactory could come up in Karnataka or Maharashtra.

Which will be the first Tesla car to launch in India?

Tesla Model 3 will be the first Tesla car to launch in India as the vehicle already has pre-orders from the region.