Land Rover ‘Road Rover’ electric SUV enters production in 2021 [Update]

Update: According to an article published in‘s September 2020 issue, as seen on a screenshot posted on, ‘Land Rover L392’ is the codename of the Road Rover EV.

The new report says that JLR will utilise the MLA-mid architecture to launch the SUV. The initial plan is to offer the Land Rover Road Rover with two battery packs featuring BMW technology, likely of 100 kWh and 120 kWh energy capacities. Standard AWD drivetrain layout with one motor per axle, with 496 bhp net power in the low-range variant and 603 bhp net power in the high-range variant, is another detail this article reveals. Lastly, there’s an estimation of annual sales, 10,000 units, which is an indication of its exclusivity and steep price.

24 March 2020

Land Rover will be starting production of its Road Rover electric SUV next year which will be the part of three EVs Jaguar Land Rover will be launching by the end of 2021, reports Autocar UK.

Jaguar Land Rover is planning to invest 1 billion pounds in its Castle Bromwich and Solihull facilities. While JLR will be converting the Castle Bromwich plant into an EV specialist production facility, both these centres will be overhauled to accommodate the company’s new Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) platform, which has been designed to accommodate fully-electric, hybrid-electric and ICE powertrains. The MLA platform will be the platform used for three new models Рthe new-gen Jaguar XJ luxury saloon and two SUVs РJaguar J-Pace and Range Rover Road Rover.

The new generation Jaguar XJ will be the first car to be built on the MLA platform and will be launched initially as a fully-electric model only. Hybrid electric models and conventional ICE variants will be added later. Jaguar is expected to unveil the flagship electric saloon by the end of 2020 with production set to start from Spring 2021 (March – May 2021). Jaguar will also be launching another electric SUV after the I-Pace, in the form of J-Pace. J-Pace will also be offered in fully electric, mild- and plug-in hybrid variants apart from the ICE versions, though it is unclear which would be made available at the launch. The J-Pace will be getting a more luxurious interior than the F-Pace and more premium styling too.

2020 Jaguar XJ rear teaser
Teaser of the electric Jaguar XJ released last year by the company. The new XJ will compete with the Mercedes EQS due in 2021 and the 2022 BMW i7 (BMW 7 Series electric).

The Road Rover will be a fully electric offering from Land Rover which will also use the MLA platform for its next-generation Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Discovery models. It is already established that the next generation Range Rover will have a pure electric variant with the Velar’s reductive design traits.

Jaguar Land Rover India has partnered with Tata Power to install a skeletal charging infrastructure ahead of the launch of the Jaguar i-Pace in the second half of 2020, and the expanded network in the coming years will be ready to support EVs such as the Road Rover and the J-Pace.