Have you checked out this IIT BOM’s Ducati-inspired premium EV concept?

MotoScorp is the name of the project by 24 year old IIT Bombay student, Ankit Chidgal, who is pursuing a degree in mobility and vehicle design. The design inspiration for the electric vehicle comes from the famed Ducati Monster, Ankit told EVW in a telephonic conversation recently.

“I wanted to make an urban, premium electric vehicle inspired by the Ducati Monster’s design and seating position and riding position, but with a lower footprint”, Ankit told us while explaining his design.

Project Motoscorp has a few tricks up its sleeve including a self balancing system which makes it easier to park, foldable handle-bars, and a storage area for the rider’s helmet. Aside from these, the electric bike is developed on a new chassis design which lets it use just a single shock absorber, which Ankit says helps in spreading the load between the wheels during braking.

The handle uses hydraulic actuators to turn, which, Ankit says, can be adjusted depending on the rider’s profile.

A 3-pack lithium-ion battery is the powerhouse of the electric bike, and can be removed and recharged anywhere, however, the finer details like power and range were not discussed as this is primarily a design project still. More images of MotoScorp – an Indian electric bike concept – can be viewed on Behance.