How the mild-hybrid system works on the Toyota Urban Cruiser

The Toyota Urban Cruiser, the Maruti Vitara Brezza with Toyota’s grille, bumper, lights and badges is available with a 12V mild-hybrid system in the automatic versions. In this story, we explain how the mild-hybrid system of the Toyota Urban Cruiser works.

The electrical system of the Toyota Urban Cruiser (the same ‘SHVS’ system of Maruti cars) converts the kinetic energy generated during deceleration into electric energy. There‚Äôs an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) in place of a conventional alternator, and its job is this conversion process as well as storing the electrical energy in the batteries. Speaking of batteries, there are two of them, one Lithium-ion and one Lead Acid, the latter powering the headlamp, horn and other accessories.

Toyota Urban Cruiser mild hybrid system
The Toyota Urban Cruiser mild-hybrid EV returns a fuel economy of 18.76 km/l in the ARAI test.

The electric energy recuperated at the time of braking and deceleration is used for two functions: Idle Start Stop and Torque Assist. When the driver brings the vehicle to a halt, say a red light or in traffic, and if optimal conditions are met, Idle Start Stop turns off the vehicle. When the driver resumes the drive, the ISG, using the electrical energy, turns on the vehicle. This function reduces fuel consumption of the Urban Cruiser.

Torque Assist also requires the ISG using the electrical energy of the batteries. This function provides the vehicle with an electrical boost under heavy engine load, like when the driver fully depresses the accelerator suddenly, for instance.

The Toyota Urban Cruiser features a mild-hybrid system in the automatic transmission-fitted Mid, High and Premium grades. Below are the retail prices of the compact SUV with available partial electrification:

GradeToyota Urban Cruiser Price*
Mid MTINR 8,40,000
High MTINR 9,15,000
Premium MTINR 9,80,000
Mid AT SHVSINR 9,80,000
High AT SHVSINR 10,65,000
Premium AT SHVSINR 11,30,000
*Ex-showroom Delhi

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