Honda Activa can now be exchanged for an Ampere Electric Scooter

Coimbatore-based Ampere Electric was in the news during the lockdown for launching its high-speed scooter Magnus Pro and expanding operations into Nepal by launching the Zeal & Reo electric scooters in the mountain nation. Sliding into the limelight again, Ampere has collaborated with CredR and will offer the lineup of electric scooters in exchange for old petrol scooters (including the Honda Activa). This collaboration is destined to make electric scooters a household name. This opportunity will first be implemented in tier 1 cities like Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad. 

CredR was started in 2015 and is determined to organize this fragmented market. This year CredR joined hands with Ather Energy, another Indian electric scooter company, to help customers switch.

The process of upgrading to an Ampere electric scooter is simple. A customer can bring in his used two-wheeler which will then be evaluated by professionals at CredR. Post the physical inspection, a quote/estimate will be provided to the customer, and verification of documents coupled with a health checkup of the petrol scooter will be executed. Once the formalities are complete, the estimated price will be adjusted with the cost of a new Ampere scooter.  

On the eve of this announcement, P Sanjeev, COO Ampere Electric, said that the tie-up would simplify the process of acquiring electric scooters for buyers. Post lockdown, the company has experienced an increased demand as an affordable personal mobility solution. He opines that proper education towards the benefits of owning an EV can help people understand its virtues over a petrol vehicle. At this point, an instant exchange scheme from CredR coupled with unique leasing & low installments will help more people buy an Ampere electric scooter, he adds.

Elaborating on this collaboration, Sasidhar Nandigam, Chief Strategic Officer, CredR, said post the COVID-19 pandemic, sales in the electric mobility segment are expected to rise. Currently, electric mobility contributes to less than 1% of the two-wheeler market in the country and says that can only increase from here.

Ampere is a twelve-year-old EV manufacturer with a 60,000+ customer base. It has fast expanded its presence across the country with an overall footprint now around 250 EV dealerships. Under the aegis of Greaves Cotton Limited, the company is now expanding their operations both regionally and model range-wise. The advent of electric scooters with improved range such as Ampere’s Magnus Pro, urban commuting is changing.