Genesis G80e: Everything we know ahead of the Apr 19 world debut

Hyundai Motor Group’s luxury brand Genesis has teased the electric version of the G80 and confirmed its unveil for the 19th of April at the Shanghai Auto Show. It emerged on South Korean auto portals earlier that the electric version of the Genesis G80 has passed certification in S.Korea and that it will come bearing the name Genesis G80e. Once the vehicle is certified, the manufacturer does not take long to begin preparations for the rollout.

Gleaning from Hyundai’s latest presentation that ElectricVehicleWeb accessed, the Genesis G80 EV is on the list of this year’s launches at HMC. The G80 EV would be the first Genesis electric car, followed by the GV60 and then the GV70e next year. The G80e and GV70e are what Genesis terms ‘Derivative EV’ that connotes repurposed IC-engined vehicles.

Genesis G80e grille teaser
First official teaser of the Genesis G80e, courtesy

ElectricVehicleWeb presents a special rendition of the G80e (assigned as the featured image of the article), where we capture the styling changes that are evident on spy media. The 19-inch dish-type wheels, crest grille with a closed upper section housing the charging flap on the right, lower section retaining the design mesh, solar cells on the roof, and the quad headlamps are reflected in our image.

Genesis G80e spotted with solar roof

Naver blog freeboysy spotted a Genesis G80e last month with a solar roof in a parking lot describing changes over the regular Genesis G80 in detail. Hyundai Motor Group will sell the penultimate Genesis sedan variant with a roof option, the way it offers the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid since 2019.

The new spy pictures show the Genesis G80e’s solar roof, the special aerodynamic alloy wheels, and the unique faux front grille pattern, which is expected to be the main visual differentiator. As noted before, the charging port is located on the closed Crest grille.

The solar roof adds 1,300 km to the Sonata’s driving range, but that’s only if the car is parked under the sun for about 6 hours every day. In a decade, the solar roof could gradually shift from a lifestyle statement to a more practical solution that recharges the car’s primary battery and prevent discharge accidents. Given the limitations in the technology, the least a Genesis G80e driver can expect from the roof cells is assistance to the vehicle’s auxiliary electrical systems like the cabin lights, air conditioner, and the black box camera.

Genesis G80e front fascia spy shot
The Genesis G80e will feature a unique faux front grille that highlights its eco-friendliness and encloses the charging lid. Image Source:

The Genesis G80e in the featured image and the three spy pictures are painted in the same color. It’s a new shade of bottle green that is not offered on the Genesis G80, and probably the G80e’s communication color. It may remind some of the Tasman Blue, a $500 option for the G80 in the U.S. market.

Last year had said that pilot production of the Genesis G80e was to begin on 1 October 2020. The manufacturing will take place at Hyundai Motor Company’s Ulsan Plant No. 5. The website had also claimed that the first Genesis electric sedan would be released in the first half of this year (2021). According to a previous report from the same portal, the pure electric version of the Genesis G80 would have a range of 500 km and come equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving technology.

The battery pack is sourced from SK Innovation. Hyundai has signed an agreement with the supplier, and the autonomous technology is expected to be jointly developed by Hyundai and Samsung Electronics. The electric version of the Genesis G80 is also reported to come with driver assistance features present in the regular G80, including Highway Driving Assist II, forward collision avoidance assist, smart cruise control with machine learning, blind spot collision avoidance assist, and pre-active safety seat.

Genesis G80e front three quarters spy picture
The Genesis G80e is expected with a range of 500 km & Level 3 Autonomous Driving. Image:

Genesis GV60 EV

Genesis line-up teaser enhanced
The global Genesis lineup will have 6 model members shortly. Image: A brightened teaser of the Genesis future product line.

HMG is working on a standalone Genesis electric vehicle codenamed ‘Genesis JW‘ that will step into the marketplace this year as the Genesis GV60. The company will build on its e-GMP architecture underpinning models from Hyundai (Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6 & Ioniq 7) and Kia (Kia EV6). The Genesis GV60 will compete with electric crossover models from Audi, Mercedes, and Tesla with features like an 18 minute charging time to reach 80 percent charge, virtual mirrors, and wireless charging, as reported by the South Korean press.