300 km range electric scooter goes on sale in France next month

French brand, RedE Group will be launching the 2GO electric scooter in its home market next month. The RedE 2GO is the first e-scooter to offer a range of up to 300 km in a single charge.

RedE 2GO was first unveiled at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas) and looks to banish the range anxieties of electric scooter riders with specifications that is unheard of for this class of vehicle. The RedE 2GO is powered by 4 interconnected batteries that are swappable, manged by RED.E BBI intelligent battery management system. It comes in three versions: E50, E100 and E125. The battery management system operates the other batteries for the scooter to run normally, even if one of them fails.

AspectRedE 2GO E50 SpecsRedE 2GO E100 SpecsRedE 2GO E125 Specs
Motor Power4 kW6 kW11 kW
Torque277 Nm277 Nm560 Nm
Battery Voltage72 V72 V72 V
Battery (Single)2.42 kWh2.42 kWh2.42 kWh
Battery SwappabilityYesYesYes
No. of Batteries1, 2, 3 or 42 ,3 or 44
Maximum Range65 km/140 km/220 km/300 km110 km/160 km/220 km200 km
Charging Time (Single)2 hours 30 minutes2 hours 30 minutes2 hours 30 minutes
Battery Life2,500 recharge cycles2,500 recharge cycles2,500 recharge cycles
Top Speed45 km/h80 km/h120 km/h

For hassle-free ownership, the batteries last for a lifespan of 2,500 cycles that translates to over 180,000 km or around 10 years of use, against other batteries that have a life of about 4 years. Two batteries are stowed from the top and the other two from the left side. The batteries can be charged to full capacity in two and a half hours and the charging stops automatically once they are completely charged.

A 7-inch touchscreen dashboard (running Android 9) supports 4G connectivity, and displays all the necessary information including the navigation, nearest charging station location etc. The 2GO has a 60 per cent gradability and in such cases, the power delivery is automatically adjusted.

The RedE 2GO comes equipped with the RED.E SODB on-board computer developed in-house that detects whether any parts need to be repaired or replaced, allowing the owners to accordingly schedule the service. The company will also be launching the RedE App along with the 2GO’s launch. The app can be used to access a wide range of information like the status of batteries, vehicle parts, GPS location, etc. Using the app, the rider can also lock the e-scooter automatically when he or she moves away and restart when they come back. The 2GO also has an emergency system integrated into it that sends alerts in the event of an accident.

Electric scooter modelElectric scooter price
RedE 2GO E50 single-batteryEUR 3,990 (INR 3,46,794.84)
RedE 2GO E50 double-batteryEUR 4,980 (INR 4,32,841.68)
RedE 2GO E50 triple-batteryEUR 5,970 (INR 5,18,888.52)
RedE 2GO E50 quad-batteryEUR 6,960 (INR 6,04,935.36)
RedE 2GO E100 double-batteryEUR 5,990 (INR 5,20,626.84)
RedE 2GO E100 triple-batteryEUR 6,980 (INR 6,06,673.68)
RedE 2GO E100 quad-batteryEUR 7,970 (INR 6,92,720.52)
RedE 2GO E125 quad-batteryEUR 8,990 (INR 7,81,374.84)

RedE currently sources the components of the scooter from China and assembles them in France. The RedE 2GO’s prices start at EUR 3,990 or INR 3.47 lakh. It will go on sale in October, although the E125 variant’s deliveries commence two months later, in December.

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