The Fonzarelli Arthur is a new electric scooter for Australia

Fonzarelli, the Australia-based EV company, has launched an electric scooter that is an affordable entry-level product. The ‘Arthur’ is priced from Australian $3,990 or Rs 1.93 lakh ex-showroom.

Fonzarelli Arthur, which looks similar to scooters that come out of China, is being targeted at both private and public fleet segments as an environment friendly alternative that is cheaper to run and maintain. The overall design of the Arthur reminds us of the the Vespa with its retro modern approach, and initial reviews have been quite positive.

Fonzarelli Arthur Range, Features & Price

The Arthur is available in three variants – Arthur 1, Arthur 2 and Arthur 3 priced at Australian $3,990 (Rs 1.93 lakh), Australian $4,990 (Rs 2.41 lakh) and Australian $6,990 (Rs 3.38 lakh) ex-showroom respectively. All three variants of the Arthur get features like all LED lights, regenerative braking, reverse mode, LCD display, portable mini charger, pillion passenger grips, side-stand, centre-stand, steering lock, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with CBS (combined braking system) and 12-inch wheels.

The power output, maximum speed and the range differentiate the three variants, where Arthur 1 has a 60V powertrain and Arthur 2 and 3 get a 75V powertrain. Arthur 1 gets an electric motor with a rated output of 3 kW and a top speed of 50 km/h. It weighs 88 kg and returns a range of 50 km in a single charge. The motor in the Arthur 2 is rated at 5.5 kW, making the electric scooter go up to a top speed of 65 km/h and returns a range of 50 km. The top-spec Arthur 3 has a top speed of 80 km/h, thanks to the motor with a maximum output of 8 kW. Arthur 3 also doubles the battery capacity and the range is extended to 100 km per charge.

The three electric scooters come with a 24-month/10,000 km warranty, with servicing at Australia $150 per year and initial servicing at six months then every year.

The battery packs are compact and removable. Typically, with a regular charger, the batteries take six to eight hours to be charged completely and with a fast charger, 80 per cent charge can be achieved in approximately an hour.

Video courtesy: Australian Electric Vehicle Association.