Elon Musk talks about a smaller Tesla pickup another time

The Tesla Cybertruck is extremely big for most markets other than North America. For global countries, a smaller Tesla pickup truck could be launched, Elon Musk, Founder & CEO, Tesla, has suggested.

In May this year, Musk had tweeted that Tesla will probably launch a “smaller, tight world truck” in the future. Without giving a specific timeline, he just said: “at some point”. There’s a new development about this smaller Tesla electric pickup truck now.

In an interview with autonews.com at the end of July, Musk said that at one point, he felt like the Tesla Cybertruck was too big. The company decided to go ahead with the project even though it meant it not being a global product. In many ways, the Tesla Cybertruck is not compliant with the EU specifications, the Tesla boss said. Continuing further, he said that Tesla can build a “slightly smaller truck” compliant with the EU specifications in the future.

The Tesla Cybertruck will get launched as a Ford F-150 rival, America’s best-selling pickup. The aforementioned smaller Tesla pickup truck will probably be viewed as a threat to the Ford Ranger and other one-tonne pickup trucks like the VW Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara and Mazda BT-50. The mini pickup would help Tesla gain a stronger foothold in Eastern even in markets like Australia, where one-tonne utes are a big deal.

The Tesla Cybertruck has received an overwhelming response, with over 800,000 units already booked.

Tesla Cybertruck specifications

ParameterTesla Cybertruck specification
DrivetrainSingle Motor RWD/Dual Motor RWD/ Tri Motor AWD
Range250+ miles*/300+ miles*/500+ miles*
0-60 mph<6.5 seconds/<4.5 seconds/<2.9 seconds
Towing Capacity7,500+ lbs/10,000+ lbs/14,000+ lbs
Vault Length6.5 ft
Storage100 cu ft
Ground ClearanceUp to 16″
Approach Angle35 degrees
Departure Angle28 degrees
Adaptive Air SuspensionStandard
*EPA estimated

Tesla Cybertruck price

Tesla will manufacture the Cybertruck at a new Gigafactory located near Austin in the State of Texas, USA. The company is accepting orders with a deposit of USD 100 and has priced the truck for apocalypse from USD 39,900.

VariantTesla Cybertruck price
Single Motor RWDUSD 39,900 (INR 29,92,252.62)
Dual Motor AWDUSD 49,900 (INR 37,42,190.62)
Tri Motor AWDUSD 69,900 (INR 52,42,066.62)

Customers reserving their Tesla Cybertruck can opt for fully autonomous driving with an additional USD 8,000. The functionality will likely be rolled out at a later stage via a software upgrade.

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries

The deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck will commence in late 2021. Either one of the AWD variants or both will be prioritised. The Single Motor RWD variant is expected to enter production in late 2022.