Comprehensive guide for protecting your car from COVID-19

Lockdown restrictions are eased in parts of India and as the relaxations come into place, more people have started getting into their cars to resume outdoor activities following the precautions issued by the government authorities. It is now important that you take precautions and disinfect your car or truck before using it every time.

Here’s a quick guide to disinfect and protect your car to reduce the risks from the Coronavirus based on the info published by Ford India and Nissan North America. We recommend that you connect with the authorized service centre to learn if there are specific do’s or don’t when disinfecting your vehicle.

Difference between Cleaning, Sanitising & Disinfecting

Cleaning physically gets rid of germs with soap and water but doesn’t kill them. Sanitising reduces the number of germs and kills bacteria, and lowers the possibility of spreading infection. Disinfecting employs chemicals to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, and is a step above cleaning and sanitising.

  1. If an exterior surface looks dirty, it should be wiped down with soap and water before disinfection. For interior of the vehicle, dampen a soft or microfiber cloth with soap and water to wipe down hard surfaces.
  2. Use disinfectants that are suitable for your vehicle, and be sure to research them for right applications before ordering. Refrain from applying household cleaning products as they contain bleach, chlorine, ammonia and acetone that will affect the car’s paint and materials.
  3. If you want, try a product of your choice on the back of the steering wheel to see if it leaves any stain or discolouration. Do not use the disinfectants directly on any surfaces. Spray the solutions on to a microfiber towel and then use the towel to wipe the surfaces.
  4. Clean the seats with a vacuum and if you have a wet vacuum, using it with shampoo will yield better results.
  5. While disinfecting the centre console, use electronic-specific non-toxic wipes that will not damage the electronics or the protective layers.
Car Cleaning tips Coronavirus
Tips for Car Cleaning released by Nissan North America.

Places to disinfect in the car

The checklist of places to ‘disinfect’ is below is a fairly comprehensive one. Anything that you will come in contact should be wiped down:

  • Exterior Door Handle
  • Interior Door Handle
  • Grab handles
  • Key/Key Fob
  • Lock and Unlock Buttons and Interior Door Release
  • Seat belt, Seat belt buckle, release button
  • Push-to-Start Button, or Ignition Area
  • Rearview Mirror or Automatic Side Mirror Buttons
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) Buttons and dials
  • Radio Buttons and Knobs or Infotainment Touchscreen
  • Gear Selector
  • Parking Brake Lever
  • Arm rest
  • Steering Wheel and its Buttons
  • Indicator and Wiper Stalk
  • Headlights Knob
  • Centre Console and Cup Holders
  • Window roll Buttons
  • Terrain Management System or Drive mode selector knobs or buttons
  • Glovebox Handle
  • Tailgate or Hatch Release
  • Fuel Cap

Once you are done disinfecting the car, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap.