Next-gen Citroen e-C3 electric likely to get a 30-40 kWh battery

Citroen is gearing up for a couple of interesting launches in the coming weeks. The first is of course the 2022 Citroen C5 which will be revealed on April 12, and then comes the emerging-market special micro SUV (codenamed Citroen CC21) which will debut on May 20, according to a report on

Citroen electric car eCC21 codename
An artist’s rendering of the Citroen electric micro SUV (code: eCC21) based on prototypes seen testing in India. The next-gen e-C3 could borrow parts or modules from the low-cost vehicle.

Under its ‘C Cubed’ program, a pure electric variant codenamed eCC21 is in the works which will rival the like of the Dacia Spring. The CC21 will be underpinned by the Citroen CMP, and the eCC21 on the eCMP, though this architecture will be pared down to achieve a target cost of EUR 10,000 as these products are also targeted at emerging markets like Brazil and India. As we pointed out in an earlier report, the CC21 and eCC21 will be manufactured in India (Chennai) and Brazil (Porto Real) too.

Next-gen Citroen C3 to have Dacia-like attributes

As per a report on, for the European market, the next generation Citroen C3 electric and its combustion counterpart will be made at Trnava, Slovakia, where group company’s Peugeot 208 is also made. The 208 is also based on the CMP architecture, and Largus too states the forthcoming Citroens will save cost thanks to lesser soundproofing and equipment (headliners, size of the wheels, plastics and seats, etc). The next-gen C3 would ride on a pared-down eCMP, but not to the extent of the eCC21, the report notes.

However, Vincent Cobee, executive vice president of Citroen brand, who spoke to confirmed that the company could use the emerging-market CMP spec for European products but with visually different bodies. The publication reports that this low-cost architecture could also be found on a future Fiat product, as Stellantis is leveraging every opportunity to increase scale.

Dacia Spring Electric unveiling
With the electric C3, Citroen will target upper variants of the Dacia Spring EV which holds the title as Europe’s most affordable electric car with a starting price of around 17,000 EUR before incentives. Image: Dacia

Going back to the Largus report, it states that the next-gen Citroen C3 electric will be available in two variants: 30 and 40 kWh battery variants with power outputs in the region of 60 and 80 hp respectively. The battery supplier is reported to be China-based Svolt.

For reference, the Dacia Spring EV has a 26.8 kWh battery pack with a 43 hp electric motor and a WLTP range of 140 miles (224 km). We should have more details of the electric C3 in the coming days.

Next-gen Citroen C3 electric FAQs

What is the price of the Citroen C3 electric?

The Citroen C3 electric version is expected to start in the whereabouts of 20,000 EUR.

What are the rivals to the Citroen C3 electric?

The chief rival to the C3 electric could be the Dacia Spring, and later, the VW ID.2 and Seat ‘Urbano’ based on the MEB-Lite.

What is the release date of the Citroen C3 electric

Expect the next-gen C3 to debut next year, and the electric version to follow in 2023.

Featured image: Current gen Citroen C3, courtesy Citroen