Citroen Ami set to become the cheapest ‘car’ in the UK

The electric quadricycle Citroen Ami that is easing stress during the pandemic providing cheap and safe personal mobility, has the UK subsidiary excited about its business prospect. The Ami now has a dedicated page on the Citroen UK website where patrons are asked if they would buy one and can register their interest, the top boss Eurig Druce told Autocar UK that there is a huge desire to offer it in the country.

A number of Amis have been imported to the UK for testing around the company’s headquarters in Coventry. In the French market, the Ami costs 6000 Euros which when converted is 5384 GBP potentially making it the cheapest car in Britain. However the company expects most of the owners to take the subscription or sharing schemes.

As the Ami is likely to be classified as a ‘light quadricycle’ those aged 16 years or older would be eligible to drive one in Britain.

Citroen Ami currently on sale in France & Italy

Enrique Martinez, CEO & Director, Groupe Fnac Darty, which sells household appliances and electronics, revealed in August that 39 Fnac and Darty stores in France market the Citroen Ami. Since February 2020, Groupe Fnac Darty and Groupe PSA have a partnership for the sale of the Citroen Ami at the retail stores. Customers can even place orders for the new electric car online, on Fnac Darty’s websites. The company has also started selling the vehicle in Italy where it competes with the Renault Twizy.

Citroen’s physical and online channels also have the Ami on sale. Close to 100 Citroen outlets display this model in France. Groupe PSA launched its first advertising campaign for the Citroen Ami in August and since then orders have been consistent. Below is the promo video of the new urban mobility vehicle:

Within hours of opening online sales in May, the Citroen Ami has received over 200 orders in France and 30 per cent of the orders were for the My Ami Pop and My Ami Vibe packs with 85 per cent overall choosing some kind of customization, the company has reported. Arnaud Belloni, Marketing and Communication Director of Citroen says the Ami, a 100 per cent electric and accessible vehicle, is a ‘must have’ in today’s environment.

Where is the Citroen Ami available?

Currently available in France and Italy, customers in other parts of Europe can reserve the vehicle in 2021.

The Ami, in its basic avatar, is available in the dual-tone blue & gray body colour. The ‘My Ami’ pack that costs 400 euros will unlock four colours – Blue, Gray, Orange and Khaki. To add sportiness to the car, there’s the ‘Pop’ pack, which gets you a rear spoiler while the gray ‘Vibe’ pack offers the option of roof rack. These packs come with additional black panels and stickers and are priced at 900 euros and 1,460 euros respectively. Additionally Citroen is offering a selection of accessories including floor mat, storage bins, bag hook and smartphone clip.

Citroen Ami SpecificationsFigures
Length2.41 m
Width1.39 m
Height1.52 m
Turning Diameter7.20 m
Weight485 kgs
Battery Capacity5.5 kWh
Charging Time3 Hours
Power6 kW
Top speed45 km/h
Range75 kms
Pricing (France)6,000 Euros

Below is the first impression video from Youtuber Supercar Blondie shot at the premiere of the Citroen Ami in Paris before the COVID-19 lockdown. In the video, she explains the special features of the car (Alex, being used to piloting the world’s fastest cars on a weekly basis, instantly finds similarities to a Lamborghini and Rolls Royce in the door straps and ‘suicide’ door of the Ami!) and cannot fully process that it can be used by 14-year olds without a driving license.

Ami, Citroen’s response to the world’s new mobility expectations for short journeys, was revealed in late February. The fully electric Ami is a productionized Citroen’s Ami One concept from 2019 and users doesn’t require a driving license to operate one.

The Ami electric quadricycle is powered by a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery and a 6 kW motor with a range of up to 75 km per charge and can reach speeds up to 45 km/h. With the onboard charger on a 220 V socket, the battery can be completely charged in three hours. The quadricycle measures 2.41m in length, 1.39m in width and 1.52m in height, and rides on 14-inch wheels.

Ami can seat two persons, gets a functional interior with cleverly distributed storage spaces and a panoramic roof as standard. According to Citroen’s Head of Style, Mr Pierre Leclercq, the Ami is a product design and not an automotive design and is executed with a theme that form should define the function.

Ami has been designed from the inside towards the outside. First of all, an interior that gives you a different feeling from what you may know, an interior that we wanted to be spacious despite a very small footprint. Then comes its trim. A clever symmetrical conception (front/rear, left/right door) building a strong character and unique functionality (door opening). A specific exterior colour that is neither too feminine nor too masculine and that works with the different colour packs we have developed (blue, white, khaki and orange). Ami is a base that can become a completely customised object with exterior and interior accessories that are either pure style or offer real extra functionality as well as stickers that give it a completely different character.

Pierre Leclercq, Head of Citroën Style

Citroen Ami ownership models

The Citroen Ami can be availed in three options in the French market – Long-term rental, Car-sharing and In-cash. Long-term rental is for those who already have cars and want a mode of transport for small trips regularly. For this option, customers need to pay 2,644 Euros and then a rent of 19.99 Euros per month. Car-sharing plan can be availed at 0.26 Euro per minute and will be operated by Free2Move service provider. The Ami can also be bought fully in cash for 6,000 Euros.

Earlier this year Citroen had announced that it will waive one year of rent on the Ami for the first 100 healthcare professionals in France who are interested in purchasing the Ami (the down payment is the same). The offer was only open until June 30 and reserved for nursing staff who have been involved in the fight against Covid-19: staff working in public / private health establishments or in medico-social establishments for the elderly and the disabled, city health, medico-social professionals etc.

Citroen Ami for India? – Don’t hold your breath!

In India, the quadricycle market is just getting started. Bajaj has introduced its Qute model in select towns (with an electric version in the pipeline), and Mahindra will bring out the well-designed Atom electric quadricycle next year that is fully connected and electric.

Compatriot Renault is investigating a derivation the Twizy to establish a new B2B sales channel. For Citroen, this could be a new business opportunity, though not at an immediate priority as the brand has to get the positioning of its ICE products right (and gets its business off the ground) before competing in niches. At 6,000 Euros, the Ami costs as much as a regular car (like a Maruti Celerio) and PSA has allocate resources for a re-engineered and pared-down version for any meaningful sales in emerging markets if it dreams of a presence in this segment. The first Citroen electric car for India arrives in 2022 in the micro SUV segment.