Chery’s Ant e-SUV to get 620 km variant

Chery Ant, the first dedicated electric SUV from Chery Automobile, is getting a new high-output & long-range variant. can reveal that this variant would have an 88 kWh battery pack:

ParameterChery Ant High-Output Variant Specs
Battery Pack Capacity88 kWh
Motor Power150 kW
Motor Torque295 Nm
Top Speed200 km/h
Kerb Weight1,910 kg
Energy Consumption (NEDC)15.20 kWh/100 km
Range (NEDC)620 km

Here are all other details about the Chery Ant, which was referred to as the Chery eQ5 and also Chery S61 previously, that was launched in the Chinese market a few weeks ago.

The name ‘Ant’ has nothing to do with its bug-faced design; it’s actually about creating an ‘Ant family’ of EVs at Chery. The company already sells an EV called the ‘Little Ant’, and an ‘Ant Concept’ was presented way back in 2013.

Chery Ant specifications

The Chery Ant is based on the company’s new aluminium-magnesium alloy platform that is 40% lighter than a conventional vehicle’s platform. Chery has already revealed that it has big plans with its LFS high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy smart vehicle platform that underpins the SUV. 93% of the body frame uses aluminium-magnesium alloy, and the frame weighs only 94.4 kg or 40% less than the weight of the structure of conventional vehicles. The EV platform will reportedly spawn three electric models beginning with “S” by 2020 that will include S81 EV, S61 EV and S57 EV.

The Chery electric SUV measures 4,630 mm in length, 1,910 mm in width and 1,655 mm in height. Its wheelbase spans 2,830 mm. The NEDC range is 510 km.

The Chery Ant uses a 70.1 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack that weighs 456 kg. There’s a single electric mounted at the rear. Our intel points at two variants, low-output and high-output. The low-output variant’s motor would generate 120 kW or 163 PS of power and 250 Nm of torque. The high-output variant is tuned to deliver 130 kW or 177 PS of power and 280 Nm of torque. For the launch phase, Chery has listed only the high-output variant.

AspectChery Ant Standard-Output Variant SpecsChery Ant Low-Output Variant* Specs
Length4,630 mm4,630 mm
Width1,910 mm1,910 mm
Height1,655 mm1,655 mm
Wheelbase2,830 mm2,830 mm
Ground Clearance166 mmTBD
Drivetrain LayoutRear-wheel driveRear-wheel drive
Battery Pack Energy Storage Capacity70.1 kWh70.1 kWh
Motor Power120 kW130 kW
Motor Torque250 Nm280 Nm
Top Speed170 km/h170 km/h
Range (NEDC)510 km510 km
Normal Charging Time11-13 hours (using 6.6 kW charger)TBD
Fast Charging Time0.5 hours (30%-80% SoC)TBD
*Low-output variant yet to be announced


Chery Ant rear
The Chery Ant incorporates a new design language that is drastically different and expected to be seen on all future Chery pure EV models.

The Ant’s design language is drastically different from the brand’s other models and is expected to be seen on all future Chery pure EV models. At the front, the Chery S61 EV sports a split headlamp design with LED strips above and projector lamps below. Then there’s the fake grille element not requisite of an electric vehicle. A horizontal chrome strip runs the width of the SUV. At the rear, a LED strip runs across the width with stylish split design tail lamps adorning the corners. The wheels are 225/60 R18.


The interior of the Chery Ant has a luxurious design with a combination of tech and finesse. With an all-digital instrument cluster and central infotainment, faux wood and leather trims are used throughout the cabin. There are 28 storage spaces in the Chery electric SUV, including an additional, front trunk.

Chery sells the Ant electric SUV with features like Mercedes-style dual 12.3 inch displays (virtual instrument cluster and touchscreen infotainment system), black panoramic sunroof, 220-volt power outlet, Qi fast charger, face ID, AQS air quality management system, CN95-standard air filter, electric seats, etc. According to previous Chinese reports, the list of features include AI voice recognition system, multi-screen interaction, Zhiyun Butler 2.0, smart bracelet, OTA, ADAS+ (assisted driving) and 5G-V2X as well.

Chery eQ5 or Chery Ant interior dashboard
The Chery Ant is said to be the world’s first vehicle to use onboard technologies running on Huawei’s Harmony OS.

The Chery Ant is said to be the world’s first vehicle to use onboard technologies, including the infotainment system, running on Huawei’s Harmony OS. This EV comes with L2.99 autonomous driving technologies.


The first units of the Ant came down the production lines (test production) in December at the Wuhu plant. Chery is likely to export the Ant (and the vehicles coming off this specialized EV platform) to take on rivals from Asia and Europe in the global marketplace.

The Chery Ant retails at CNY 149,800 (EUR 19,226.37) onwards and competes with the Weltmeister EX6 Plus and the NIO ES6.

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